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What have I done to deserve this....in a good way!

More gifts from the Universe, Or Ganesha, or HP, or To Whom It May Concern....

1.Monthly sit-down with my
time leader, with the gist being that I love my job and my job loves
me. She had absolutely NOTHING negative to say about my job
performance. I had to come up with things that needed improvement
just to fill out the "assessment." (Just stuff like my needing to more
about the AV equipment in the Lounge.)

2.Also, I'd had this situation where I locked some stuff in a locker to
keep at work (blazer and work shoes) and immediately proceeded to lose
the key. I'd been obsessing about that for a few days, looking for it
in the house, telling myself it HAD to turn up, and I also did a lot
of chanting, asked Ganesha for help etc. It turned out I had another
lock from the same company and I tried the key and guess what? TA DA.
Slightly worrisome in terms of any safety using that brand of lock at
the gym, but I'm saved the embarrassment or repercussions of having to
admit I did this. God protects drunks, fools, and Member Service

3. A card member Tweeted directly to TPTB at American Express to basically tell them how awesome I am.

4. I had my private Yoga lesson, and instead of getting a bunch of asana correction, I mostly got an hour of breathing technique! (I HATE BREATHING TECHNIQUE.) Clearly, the Universe knows I need more than I do.

AND YET...with all this awesomeness in my life, I'm still obsessed with the body/weight thing.

My sponsor has me working on the Acceptance passage from the Big Book and it's absolutely excruciating...I'm afraid if I accept my body as is, and what it is or isn't capable of, I will blow up like a balloon. I decided to stop compulsively exercising and commit to just Yoga and Walking for a month...and I'm doing five classes a week and up to trying to walk 3 miles a day.
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