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Chillin' like a villain!

OK, I admit it. I had totally underestimated how important it was for Hubby and I to have time together doing absolutely nothing, but watching videos or some inane tv show, while working on separate lap-tops or even sleeping in the same bed at the same time without one having to get up and leave without waking the other one.

I'm still glad I had the Monday/Tuesday off for the first 3 months, but long-term, it just would not work. Now I've got my weekends back, and just going to brunch at Chow, where I had the lamb burger with no bun, salad and fruit, was an absolute blessing.

Of course, because I am bat-shit crazy, I also got up at 430A, meditated, had bullet-proof tea, did 7 push-ups and a 1 hour bike ride, then went back to bed.



Had my official "year end review" yesterday. Basically, I'm awesome and I'm getting a 2% raise.
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