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Make-up post.

Make-upOne of the major differences between the Desk of Doom and The Happiest Place on Earth, aside from the fact that I love my job and actually give a shit about it, is that I'm in front of the public, instead of being able to hide in a cubicle and be mostly invisible.

This means I need a game face.

No one ever taught me how to put on make-up, other the constantly changing edicts of (ahem) "Women's Magazines."

I've been the usual amount of lifetimes buying make-up, and then rarely using it. This is the first time I've ever used make-up consistently enough to get to the bottom of one color in an eye-shadow palette. In this case, its only the white or pale green. The whole "dark color near the bottom of your eyes" doesn't work for me at all.

So here's the drill:

Before I leave for work, I use a layer of Feelin' Younger Skin Tint by LUSH over my eyes, cheekbones, forehead etc. (I wouldn't be caught dead using actual foundation, since it would in fact, make me look embalmed.) Then the white or very pale green eye shadow ONLY on the upper eye-lash. Call it my homage to the white make-up look from the 60's. It actually works for me...giving me a bit of a "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" look.

Once I get to the airport, I take the opportunity to use the airport bathroom, then brush my hair out and put it up in a "faux chignon."

At this point I use a thick pencil liner on the rim of my lower eye. Line as thick as I get it without smearing and creating raccoon eyes.

For my lips, I use Burt's Bees Lip Crayon My color is Niagara Overlook, which is basically my natural lip color. I top that with a layer of brushes on lip gloss, the brand name of which has worn off, but any glossy pinky thing will do.

Then I go to Starbucks and steal a napkin to blot with, and a straw for my sparkling water at work.

And away we go. Game Face On!
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