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Willfulness, sleep-deprivation, etc.

The day so far: (It's currently 6:00AM)

K-gal's will: get up 15 minutes early, start tea,meditate, drink tea before “official” breakfast time at Five AM, so I can get out earlier than usual for my three mile walk before Yoga.

God’s will---what actually happened---after spending most of “meditation” time contemplating the scale, more ways to exercise, so I can “lean out” without giving up my cup of nuts every day, I came back in and poured the steeped tea into the blender to complete the “bullet-proofing,” only I managed to omit the crucial step of taking out the tea bags! Just imagine what happened when I hit the blender on that mess.

Result---no walking time at all, since I had to start a new pot, let it steep another 20, and wash all the dishes that were in the sink when I tossed the contents of the blender in there.

The new plan is that I will use my remaining time before Yoga to pour the new batch of bone broth into jars now and get it into the fridge, thereby being able to start napping as soon as I get home from Yoga.

Hopefully not too much self-loathing for the missing 3 miles…I did do my 20 push-ups, although I had to take a break at 15 and then do the last 5.

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