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What is it with me and keys?

New LJ set up, same old cray-cray.

About a month ago, I had a near-miss situation where I lost the key I had used to lock a locker that had one of my uniform blazers AND my name tag. I had a total freak-out because I'd have to tell my team leader and it would be all-around embarrassing make me look stupid, which is of course my greatest fear (aside from getting fat or pregnant.) By some miracle, I found another key that worked in the lock and disaster was averted.

They just put in new locks at work, to the shower suite and to the employee break room closet, and when I got to work yesterday, it looked like I was missing THAT KEY and like it might have come off my ring altogether, possibly when I was out on the bicycle. Again, I'd have had to tell my Team Leader and she might think I'm not as awesome as she currently does.

I got home, after a whole shift of trying to stay calm and be surrendered to the idea that I would have to fess up on Monday. The first place I checked was in the garage near the bicycle, where the damn thing had no business being. And there it was.

This is why I don't even bother describing myself as an imperfect atheist anymore. In the immortal words of the Monkees: I'm a believer. Thank you to the Universe, Ganesha, Krishna, Jehovah, Allah, To Whom It May Concern and even Jesus, if he had anything to do with saving my sorry arse once again.
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