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Check-in post

So much love, joy, gratitude etc.


More important-the job still loving me.

2. 293 days since my last binge.

3. I got a flat tire on my bicycle downtown on Friday, which totally sucks. However...I did not have a temper tantrum, I did not abandon my bike, and I did not binge to get back at my bike and the Universe. I got my bike home on BART, including carrying down the stairs and got it home, so I can deal with it tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the Universe was actually protecting me, because I was riding with my seat too low, and I thank that has been contributing to knee inflammation of late.

4. Still strict Paleo, aside from Kerrygold butter and still NO NUTS, NO DRIED FRUIT, NO APRICOTS. I'm less successful at forcing myself to do all eating and drinking sitting down while at home, but better slow progress than no progress.

As of last Monday, the Evil Scale God says 145 1/2. That's (I think) 46 down from 191 1/2 two years ago to the day. My crazy brain still wants 131 for a total loss (trophy number) of 60 lbs. Or about 4.5 stone.

I am setting the intention that I will not get on the scale again for the rest of this calendar year, 2015.

I'm committing this to all of you, to my sponsor, to my program, and to the Universe.

6. I love Kirtan so much! It's become the center of my Spiritual Practice, in conjunction with my physical Yoga practice. I'm practicing a strict Exercise Abstinence. I get to do 1 thing as my exercise per day. Yoga OR Walking Or Weight Training OR the bicycle. If I try to sneak a timed walk in after or before Yoga, that's cheating.

7. Holy Guacamole, Batman! I grew...or at least am growing...something.

8. More crazy "paleo lifestyle" stuff I'm doing lately-"Bulletproof Tea," Chia seeds, freshly ground ginger and turmeric, the above-mentioned planting, revamping my exercise arrangements to maximize sleep. (The current protocol of getting up, meditating, exercising and then napping before work is totally not working.)

9. Awesome documentaries I've seen at the Roxie lately:

A Dangerous Game


Danny Says

I'll keep posting them RIGHT HERE!
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