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I left my heart in Menlo Park

Rode with Bubbles on Saturday afternoon for a famtrip down to Silicon Valley to check out the Stanford Park Hotel where we put a lot of people. Very nice place. I had some trouble getting my high-speed up and running and it was never 100 percent reliable, but it was on most of the time. They also came into my room and found a way to plug me in closer to the bed, instead of the "McGyver, death by trip-wire" that I'd figured out to get the laptop plugged into the bed. My battery is wonky and needs to be replaced, which kind of sucks for a computer that's less than two years old.

We had an awesome dinner, most of which I spent trying to indoctrinate Jamie Brown of the Lafayette Park Hotel into the Cult Of Barrowman. I've sent her appropriate pictures and links, so we'll see how that goes.

After dinner there were drinks in the lounge and a "fireside chat" which Marcia who's one of the big bosses, but I'm not sure of her exact title. She's way farther up the food chain than regional manager or account manager or regional manager's boss. Apparently my account has "opportunities for improvement" some of which I'm going to hear about at a conference call tomorrow.

I was mostly interested in getting out to the Jacuzzi and I kept inviting everyone to my "nekkid jacuzzi party." No one joined me, so I had a fabulous hot-tub to myself under the stars.(No, I wasn't naked either.) Debbie from Dallas came out to have a smoke and we talked for a while. Very nice lady.

The only bad news was that the side door I'd come out of was locked by the time I was ready to go in, so I had to drip my way through the lobby.

Got a pretty good night's sleep and met Bubbles in the lounge for Breakfast. She gave me a ride back to SF and I was able to be at the Mint by about 330PM for Big Franks bday party. Frank & Chip always do their birthday together and since they're both in the Gay Men's Chorus, it's a big Diva Fest! I knew I wasn't going to get a lot of songs in, so I went for two of my signature crowd-pleasers, One Night in Bangkok and Rosalita. Hubby was there to say happy birthday and scarf some free yummies so I didn't have to worry about dinner.

I came home around 7:00PM and we knocked off the last four episodes of Spooks series 4. Grim in the extreme. Brilliant written, acted etc, but not much fun. I just never warmed up to Adam, Fiona, Zaff etc the way I did to Danny, Zoe and even whiney Tom.

Tuesday-Lunch walk
Thursday-Gym-15 minutes of cardio.
Friday-Lunch walk
Sunday-9 miles approx.

We did the kiss-kiss, hug-hug thing and I walked out into the brightness of 18th street, where I instantly found my teeth chattering. The fog had come in since I’d gone in to the bar two hours earlier and my hooded sweatshirt was barely enough to fend off the wind blowing in from the Pacific.
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