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As I was saying....

As of August 25

1 year since my last binge.
1 year with American Express
1 year of a consistent Yoga practice, including Kirtan as the centerpiece of my spirtual practice
1 year of at least 80/20 Paleo
No more than one form of exercise per day since March
No nut nibbling since May
No weighing myself since June
Still working on a tendency to eat standing up, mostly due to time management issues.
1 week + 1 day until my 25th Wedding Anniversary.
I've started work on a 4th Step. This is going to be painful, but necessary.
My challenging co-worker has been removed from the equation.
My bosses love me.
SOME of my Card Members love me.
SOME of my Card Members have taken the trouble to do the feedback survey and go into to detail about how much I suck. I'm still too "gabby," "sloppy," and apparently not helpful enough with a DVD player.
I have virtually no time for LJ, Fandom, television. MOST of the movies I go to are at the Roxie or hubby and I watch documentaries from Netflix.
I'm STILL trying to finish the 2nd season of the Wire.
I've learned that sleep may not make anything better, but lack of sleep makes everything worse.

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