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More fun with the bank and the "opportunities for improvement."

Following the previous snafu where I used an ATM card that was hooked up to an account that had very little money in it because I had no idea the card was hooked up to that account since I never WANTED or ASKED FOR a card for that account, we got a bunch more over-draft charges on the account. Apparently I was a busy girl with the ATM before figuring out the problem.

I went back to the Wells Fargo office across the street from the office and was today help by the fabulously named Candida Castro (tell me that's not a drag queen name!) who got SOME of the new charges eliminated, but not all.

We're definitely going to be out a bit of money on this thing. I'm planning on marching down to the branch at 16th and Mission that issued the card and give them what for and see if that helps at all.


From today's conference call-

Apparently we are not giving "VIP SERVICE" and when asked what would constitute "VIP SERVICE," the travel manager gave the following items:

Interpretive responses

So basically I'm not kissing ass enough.
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