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A last and best birthday present.

I have just paid off my outstanding credit card balance in full. This was a debt I started acquiring with a Gap Visa shortly after Hubby's 1st broken leg motorcycle accident. After a few years of truly horrific interest, I swapped it over to a no-interest Citibank Mastercard, but in the way of all "free money" and my very bad programming when it comes to all things financial, I never quite got it all the way down. There was always some reason I needed to put something on the card.

I've been making progress, but it's a goal you can almost never achieve, which is of course how the card companies (even Amex) like it.

BUT...this has been a year of so many blessings. This week we were advised of a little ditty called the Health Care Accountability Ordinance (HCAO). It turns out that if you work at the airport for a company that employs more than 100 employees: (And I quote) Your employer cannot require you to contribute any amount towards the premiums for health plan coverage for yourself.


So I just got a refund for all the money I've had taken out of my paycheck for health insurance since I started with American Express...and that's enough to pay off the card. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job! (I also love the City and County of San Francisco.)

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