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Fundraising time.

Sooooo....I decided to save what was left of my legs and gave up "chronic cardio." No more marathons, half-marathons, or even 5-K at this point So no more fund-raising, right?

Apparently not.

Now it's Yoga, and on March 19th, I'm going to (I hope) participate in a Yogathon to raise $$ for RISE, which brings Yoga classes to low-income schools in the the Bay Area. The event is 108 Sun Salutations and I'm trying to raise $108.00.

Donation Page Link

If you can do a small donation, that would be awesome.

The Yoga practice has done more for my health and self-esteem than the running ever did, and I think the cause is a worthy one.

I realize this is showing my real name. I think it's worth it and in the big picture who cares? (You should be able to find me on FB as well.)

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my sponsor to read her my writings on the question: How do you react when people disagree with you? In response she is going to hear THE WHOLE STORY of my on-line fandom life from the day I found House_Slash on LJ thru the entire Torchwood experience and the aftermath thereof.

It's going to be a long session and I'm convinced I am prepared to be completed honest about the exact nature of my wrongs. (No, I didn't say I was ready to make amends...that's WAY down the line. Just that I'm going to be honest.)

But please...one or two bucks to help kids get to the mat or at least get the mat to kids...THANKS!
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