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US Politics-Now I'm getting worried.

You all know how I get about politics. About everything really, but for the time being we're talking politics.

Last year this time I was totally laughing off Donald Trump as a product of "silly season," and mostly lamenting the fact that Jon Stewart was leaving us and wouldn't be there to get us through the whole election cycle. I gave no credence whatsoever to the possibility that he would actually be the candidate and I stayed in Ostrich-lie denial until the whole thing got clinched with the final melt-downs of Cruz and Rubio.

I also didn't believe that the crazies and haters of the UKIP variety would actually push the UK out of the EU.

Aaaaannnndddd, I figured the Bernie people who have enough pragmatic political sanity to accept reality when the time came.

None of this seems to be happening.

Since Facebook is more of a "real world" thing, where I actually have to tip-toe a bit, because I use my real name and actually interact with some of the people, I've done something very unusual for me and not expressed all of my thoughts on matters that are very important to me.

I did one long post about my experience of volunteering for Edward M. Kennedy in 1980 and how that was my "Bernie" year and how we ended up LOSING, at least in some part because the Kennedy people couldn't reconcile to the Carter campaign in time, if at all.

It's here and PUBLIC, if you want to read it.

I am an unabashed Hillary supporter. I KNOW all the reasons this is problematic and you know what? I don't give a flying Philadelphia fuck! Here's what I know...you ask me "what has she accomplished?" I'll tell you what she accomplished-----she got Bill Clinton elected. She sat next to him on sixty minutes and told Steve Kroft, "I love this man," and that got him past the first round of crap being thrown when the Gennifer Flowers allegations were threatening to derail the whole thing. Was Bill my first choice in 1992? Not particularly, but as we went through that round of primaries, it became clear that he was the one with the physical and metaphorical cojones to go up against the Republican hate machine.

Yes, we got lucky with the Perot thing and maybe even the fact that George H.W. Bush is a more decent fellow than his son, but it COULD have ended up like 1988 if Bill and Hill and Carville and Begala et al hadn't been willing to do the things that the Dukakis campaign couldn't or wouldn't.

So yeah...tell me bad things about Hillary. They could every single one be true and she would still be preferable to Donald Trump. And in a world where "Brexit" (SHUDDER!) could happen, then Trump could happen.


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