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100 TV shows #82-Life On Mars

Of course it goes without saying that I'm ONLY referring to the original UK show. As far as I'm concerned the US remake doesn't exist, except to the extent that I enjoyed dancing on its grave when it got cancelled.

Life On Mars


True chemistry and amazing subtext---but NOT fanservice.

I got there from the Barrowman/Torchwood/Dr. Who connection and was lucky enough to not see the show until AFTER it had already ended, so I'd seen Simm as the Master BEFORE I ever saw him as Sam Tyler. I'd seen fanvids and read fanfic, so I knew how it ended, but that didn't diminish the impact of the finale at all. I remember the anticipation as I got the downloads (before Mega-Upload was taken from us) and watched each one on my laptop.

I fell in love with Sam and Gene and especially Sam/Gene in all it's sexy/angsty/self-loathing/S&M tinged glory. The smut was SO GOOD! I ate it up with a spoon. I knew some of the writers from Torchwood and House, but I also found others who were specific to that fandom.

I also wrote some Simm/Glennister RPS. They were so fucking hot together.

What Happens In Manchester
Where or When

I know I'm idealizing and I'm sure there was plenty of ship-warring and Annie-hate, but that's not how I remember it. I know Sam's angsty whining got on my nerves and I really wanted to smack him sometimes, but the ending redeemed anything.

Sixteen episodes, great 70's music, the awesome clothes, amazing writing, brilliant acting...and Philip Glenister's Top Gear interview. (Mrrrrroooowwww)

Shout outs to some of the folks I got to share the love and lust with:

Yes, things definitely went tits up with Ashes to Ashes and I'll get to that soon (or eventually), but this is an entry of joy. A show and a fandom I never had to stop loving either because of the creators or the fandom itself.

Although strangely enough, I've never gone back for a re-watch. I'd hate for it not to be as perfect as I remember.
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