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The only thing I hate about living in the Mission...

Is the parking situation. As in NO PLACE TO PARK! My friend Tommy came over to this side of the Bay, planning to hit Octavia Lounge for some open mike piano bar, but they weren't doing it tonight.

We had dinner at Fuzio in the Embarcadero Center and then I tried to lure Tommy and his friend Ernie over for some Barrowman cult recruiting. I've already got Tommy hooked on the music, and he's seen some of CJH, but I was going to do a little Torchwood and maybe Putting It Together, however the parkng gods totally let us down. NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. ZIP!


On the other hand, my attempted recruitment of the rep from the Lafayette Park Hotel seems to be well underway.

I had sent her the JB/JM Torchwood clips and a few others and here's her response:

"WOW! That kiss was something to behold. I'm speechless! I must say that you've got great taste, Miriam. You were not kidding when you said he's like a young, better looking Tom Cruise. Why haven't I seen more of this guy??? Looks like I'm going to have to become a Torchwood fan."

Yessssssssss! She shoots, she scores!
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