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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello lovely person.
Thank you for taking the plunge and participating in the joy (and occasional sorrow) that is yuletide
I'm returning to the event after a four year hiatus and the most important thing I want to tell you is PLEASE HAVE FUN! Remember above all: OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL. If you don't like my prompts/thoughts/head-cannon/character interpretations etc...feel free to throw them out the window and follow your muse where it takes you.

If you happen to be someone who knows me from previous fannish interactions and has a negative impression of me...well I can't say I blame you, but please believe that I am going to be grateful for fic in any of these fandoms with these characters. My well-known bias against any kind of schmoop has diminished somewhat and most of what I'm requesting this year may have an element of sadness or sentimentality associated with loss and remembrance or just the characters having a lighter/sweeter interaction than a lot of what I used to lean towards.

The things I love are still snarky, cynical, and sarcastic and my favorite flavor of all is still angst. Slash and or Het Smut may be as hot, sleazy, sneaky and filthy as you want to make it. Where participants are in canon relationships, I'm not averse to cheating with or without tacit or explict approval. Non-com: Not a problem.


I will be happy with a fic in any of these fandoms. Really, most sincerely.

See you after the reveal!

The Wire
Characters: Jimmy McNulty, Stringer Bell, Omar Little

Optional details:
I'm in love with Jimmy McNulty in all his self-righteous self-destructiveness, so I'd like to see him as the focus. Some slash with either of these two amazing Bad Ass Mofos would be amazing. It's pretty clear to me that Jimmy is half-obsessed/in love with Stringer in Season 2, so if a "real" hook-up doesn't make sense, I could definitely see it as a fantasy that Jimmy has and is possibly ashamed of (good old Catholic guilt), but also highly aroused by...HEY, it's Stringer Bell. For real works for me too, and I'd love for Jimmy to have one of his downward spirals in the aftermath. For Jimmy/Omar, maybe something happened just before the "courtroom outfit" shopping scene or in the fitting room...or after Omar so delightfully destroyed Morris Levy. Another potential opening would be some kind of Hurt/Comfort for Jimmy when he's so devastated by Kima's shooting.

More thoughts:
I'm still on Season 2, but spoiled enough for the rest that you can set the fic whenever you'd like in canon or post. I realize that Bunk and Proposition Joe were not on the nominated character list, but they are two of my favorites for snark, so if you'd like to incorporate them as characters (or any others you're especially fond of) I'd have no objections. I love Bunk as the voice of reason if he guesses or finds out what goes on and Prop Joe might serve the same function for Omar.

I'd really love something as hot as Jimmy's "you were gentle" speech to be how a slash scene actually plays out. Either the actual gentleness or the roughness of "bent over a squad car." Seriously---Dominic West's voice doing his not that great American accent is one of my favorite things...so if there's some hot talk involved in a slash scenario or a depiction along those lines....MRRRROOWWW!

B/T/W-If your jam is Stringer/Omar, by all means go for it, as I think it would be hot/crazy/sexy and one hell of a fight for dominance, but I don't have any specific ideas myself and I'm personally Jimmy-centric...so I'd love to see him have some part in the fic...maybe as unwilling observer or fantasist.

Or skip the slash altogether and let the characters interact in any way you see fit from any point in the show...or let Jimmy look back on how these two ruthless characters affected him and the city he also has a love/hate relationship with.

20th Century CE Musician RPF
Characters: Lou Reed, David Bowie

Just looking at at names makes me sad at the recent losses, but also grateful that they both survived their worst times of excess and self-destructiveness to find happiness in both their personal and professional lives, while maintaining artistic integrity. Feel free to set a fic during the "good old bad old days" of the 70's with the complete drug-fueled hedonism, the 80's when there's a certain amount of selling out on both ends for the MTV generation or the settling down period toward the end. I'm good with slash or friendship here, reactions to some of the major events of the various eras, and interactions with any other "characters" you'd like to incorporate, including spouses and other musicians, artists and public figures.

More thoughts:

I purposely didn't include Mick Jagger or Iggy Pop, because I'm most interested in David and Lou as men, musicians, artists, friends, lovers etc. I'm not averse to seeing them in the fic however, as well as any other folks who might wander through...any of the Warhol crowd including Andy himself. Bryan Ferry, especially since there's that character in the Jazzin' For Blue Jean video who is clearly a Bryan expy.

While I'm happy to see a fic set during any period from the early 70's onward, I'm really interested in how they might have related to each other as fellow survivers once they both "settled down," in heterosexual marriages, and if whatever they did sexually in the 70's continued into that time. My own head-cannon says that what happened in Berlin or Chelsea etc. probably stayed there, but might have been part of their emotional lives afterwards, but I could easily see a "Same Time Next Year" (or even next decade) scenario, where they have intermittent hook-ups along the way. Or maybe they just get together for Chinese food and discuss life from time to time.

If sex continues to be a factor, I'm find with Laurie and Iman knowing or not knowing as you see fit to frame it. Angsty or comfortable is fine.

Just as a side note and something that informs my head-cannon. I see Iggy, Lou, David, Bryan as all being actually luckier and happier than Sir Mick. Yes, he probably ended up richer than all of them put together, but he's the one who still HAS to get up there and sing the same old playlist, whereas they others have fans who will give them the space to experiment and follow their own muses. Not that David didn't face serious back-lash at times, but he was still able to go on and take the fans with him.

Lou passed away on October 27, 2013 and had been sick awhile, so a last visit fic for him and David would be lovely, and if you believe in Rock and Roll Heaven, or some version thereof, there was a great reunion early this year, so that kind of story/vision would work for me as well.

Post-Classical Hollywood RPF

Elizabeth Taylor
Montgomery Clift

I'm absolutely fascinated by Elizabeth Taylor's friendship/relationships/platonic love affairs with gay and bisexual men along with her famous marriages to some of the most famously heterosexual men in the world. I'd love to see a pre-Raintree County Liz/Monty fic, establishing their connection on an emotional and physical level...or delving into why or how they decided not to. Go as dark and angsty with this as you like. Also feel free to set a fic in any of their darker times, including the car crash, Elizabeth's health crisis (pick one), Mike Todd's death, the Eddie Fisher marriage, Monty's downward spiral, The Seagull, etc. Any of Elizabeth's husbands or dear friends can be included as onlookers, participants, antagonists etc. I believe these two had a great love and eventually caused each other a great amount of pain because they were caught up in their individual tragedies. Any way you'd like to explore that is welcome...or something happy set during the filming of A Place In The Sun.

More thoughts:

Other characters who could make appearances (as you see fit) would include any of Elizabeth husbands who fit into the time line of the story (or even the later husbands, if Liz is looking back on her relationship with Monty in her later years) and any of her dear friends including Rock Hudson, James Dean, and Roddy McDowell---honestly, if can work some Liz/Roddy friendship, love, snark in there...I'll be surprised and delighted. Any other friends and co-stars from both their lives are welcome as well.

Aside from the happy/innocent/beautiful (at least on the outside) period of 1950-1951, where Liz is married to Nicky (her first incarnation of the Mike Todd/Richard Burton prototype) and Monty is his young, stunning, but already damaged, closeted bisexual self, post-Libby Holman relationship, I'm most interested in the period after the Plane Crash, which I consider the defining tragedy of Elizabeth Taylor's life as the Car Crash was the defining tragedy of Montgomery Clift's.

I could definitely see a scenario where Liz reaches out to Monty, possibly seeking a hurt/comfort sex OR emotional support and he no longer has it to give, because he's already so deeply into the alcohol and pain meds, or no longer can love himself without the pre-accident looks or is too put off by what he perceives as her needing someone rather than just him. However you want to frame it and if it something does happen, then it's even more tragic, because one or the other can't sustain it and she ends up in the relationship with Eddie Fisher and all the turmoil that ensues. By the way....I know that Eddie is generally interpreted as an asshole/jerk/butt-monkey for dumping Debbie Reynolds and taking up with Liz, but I like him to have a little redemption, especially if he had been trying to help Elizabeth without totally abandoning Debbie (and the kids) but found himself on 24 Hour Liz Watch AFTER whatever does or doesn't happen with Monty goes tits up.

A bit of time line:
A Place In The Sun-1951-(Elizabeth is married to Nicky Hilton during filming)
Car Accident-May 12, 1956 (Elizabeth is married to Michael Wilding)
Elizabeth married Mike Todd February 2-1957
Mike Todd killed in plane crash-March 22, 1958
Elizabeth married Eddie Fisher-May 12 1959
Elizabeth married Richard Burton-March 15 1964
Monty died on July 23, 1966

Since Elizabeth's last and possibly most famous "troubled" male friend was Michael Jackson, I'm also up for a fic where she reaches out to Michael during one of his rough patches and tries to offer advice/solace (maybe a drug intervention) and is reminded (as a recovering addict herself) how little she was able to help Monty and wonders (perhaps) if she could have done more? FWIW, I believe Michael Jackson was a deeply damaged human being with horrible judgement, but not a pedophile, so my vision of Elizabeth's support for him would be predicated on that.

I know it's a vast swathe to work with---please pick the point in time that works for you in terms of these two characters and those who surrounded them and take it where it leads you.

Would I Lie To You? RPF

Lee Mack
David Mitchell

Since none of the other British Panel Shows were nominated this year, feel free to incorporate ANY characters from that "verse" into the story as you see fit. Please have fun with this. I'm honestly to open to almost anything. Friendship, slash, crossovers, AU. The last two series especially have just made me love the Lee/David interaction so much. Anything that plays with their contrasting personas of Lee as the apparently dim Northern Bloke and David as the ever-so-effete Cambridge snob is wonderful, but I'd really love to see a fic that takes it to the next level by letting the masks slip to show the discrepancies between the personas and the real selves, especially as they interact with each other in some "real life" way.(Piss-taking of each other and any other characters who cross their paths is always welcome.)

More thoughts:

Please, please, please...have fun. Anything you do with these two will make me happy, I promise.
Well, perhaps not schmoopy curtainfic...but you know, if you do it properly tongue in cheek, maybe it could work.

I'm definitely up for some slash here...possibly post-filming where David is sort of amazed by Lee's willingness to dive whole-heartedly into the most absurd, humiliating OBVIOUS lie the writers come up with for him, or Lee is surprised by his own attraction to David's snarktastic snippiness and SOMETHNG happens. Or has been happening for awhile and now they're caught in something heavy and angsty OR they're still having fun with it...if any of the others in the QI/WILTY/MTW/HIGNFY world show up and find out...or suspect....or joke about it without knowing and suddenly the boys are worried they've been sussed out...all good. If you're up for hard-core I'm there, or if you'd rather go straight to post-coital snark...all good. A first time story for something they've both been trying to deny they want? Check.

The more I think about this, the more I realize I'm interested in seeing some "hidden depths" for Lee, emotionally, intellectually or both and perhaps David's appreciation of those and his admiring Lee for playing the part so well, whereas I think David's persona is a lot closer to reality, although I also love the idea of him having a few lowbrow tastes to balance the perceived snobbery.

FWIW, I can see Lee being more attracted to David after the marriage to Victoria...maybe he wants to know what she saw in him? Also there's something about the beard, especially since this clip shows they do have some friendship off-screen.

(If Victoria knows and signs off I'm good, or if David needs to sneak...fine...ditto Mrs. Mack.)

And if you just can't see it as slash in a million-billion years...honestly no problem. A little backstage banter, interactions with any guests, off-season fun and games of some sort...Bizarro Panto Performances....even an AU...perhaps a detective fic of some sort, either a genuine AU or some fantastical event drops them off in a different BBC canon past or present for a wacky crossover adventure, even if it was ALL A DREAM.

Throw in all the wacky in-jokes, references to other shows, and as many Panel Show personnel as you like.

Please have fun!
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