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Torchwood Babble-Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


And Ianto-lovers...well you know where I'm coming from. Click at your own risk.

Vast amounts of love and gratitude to michelleann68 for the link and to the unidentified individual that I'm leeching my high speed internet off of. If I'd had to wait to two weeks, it would not have been pretty, let me tell you.

Thanks also to kohlrimmedeye a/k/a paperclipbitch, drunken_hedghog, timbershiver, and anybody else who held my hand through the whinging and whining about the Jack/Ianto schmoopy-oopy, twoo-wuv spoilerage that was basically causing me to projectile vomit in anticipation.

And while I'm giving my Dolce & Gabanna acceptance speech, so much love to hllangel, for many reasons, but especially my awesome new userpic, created on the fly last night.


There are pretty much no words for how much I love Captain Jack Harkness and his return entrance was absolutely perfect, especially calling them "Kids," because of course, they are.

Great team interaction and YAY for the Owen/Tosh we got, as well as the way Owen said "sweetheart" when he was trying to save Gwen. Maybe I'm just a sucker for that kind of accent and maybe it's because I love Owen. He's fun to watch (lalalalala Combat never happened), fun to listen to, fun to write, and I'd love to see him get another slash moment this season because you know...I'm a slasher at heart.

Best Owen line, "Trust me, I'm an improviser."

Jack & John! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!

I need to re-watch about a zillion times until I have every morsel of their banter memorized from the argument over who was the wife (which I wonder if it's a bit of RTD making fun of up-tight straight people who ask "so who's the woman?")who has the bigger wrist-com, and all the other goodies. The kissing fighting was everything my hate!sex loving heart could have wanted.

Was it just me or did John's "come with me" bit at the end have a certain Doctor/Master vibe as well?

And reallyreallyreallyreally people, after all that hot and funny and snarky and just a little sad...Ianto who?

I'm trying so hard not to be a mega-bitch about this. (But probably failing.)Having written a bit of Dom!Ianto, I want to believe he's more than the whining/emo etc etc, although in the name of full disclosure I honestly find GDL seriously unappealing. If he were more of a Jesse Spencer type, all that "eye candy" twaddle might have made sense instead of making me think that John needed glasses.

The spoilers said "more backbone" and of this vertibrae, I see no evidence whatsoever.

He was paralyzed in the fish-head standoff and when Jack said he'd found his Doctor (and how much do I love that phrasing?) the first whiney words out of Ianto's mouth were "Are you going back to him."

As for the famous "date-asking" which really had me in a tizzy from the spoilers, all I can say is "Timing is everything."

Let's see, when did Jack decide to ask Ianto on this date? AFTER HE FOUND OUT GWEN WAS ENGAGED. After he confided in her, touched her arm, found her ring and had that expression on his face because JB is such an incredible actor that you could feel the different emotions and regrets he was going through.
So my reading is: second choice at best.

The interpretation may not be canon, but the facts and the timing are.

Which at least means they're not trying to annihilate Jack's omni-sexuality (yet). That makes me happy enough to do the "Happy" meme later today.

A bit of plot nit-picking: Did Jack really fall for the whole "cluster bomb in three cannisters" routine? Cos that sounds awfully similar to "a gun in four parts." You'd think he'd be like, "come on dude, you gotta do better than that." Or was he being blinded by the incredibly hot sex they were having in fics like THIS and I'm sure many others yet to be written.

So I'd say the season is off to a good start and I've already got plot bunnies nibbling at my ankles.

Now I'm off to read everybody else's metas and reviews.
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