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100 TV shows-#85 Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes fic

Such a roller coaster. Some great moments, especially in the third series and lots of Gene Hunt awesomeness, but since John Simm wasn't there in the flesh, the show had a definite Sam Tyler sized hole which poor Keeley Hawes wasn't really capable of filling. Keeley was awesome in "Spooks," but just not strong enough to carry a show, especially up against the Mighty Glenister.

Plus the scripts...oh Alex Drake, I tried to like her...and there were times I almost got there, but the writing made it so, so hard, especially when she'd get up on her high-horse. "The Smoking Gun," was the WORST, which is even more unfortunate given an early Russell Tovey appearance. I can't imagine ever sitting through that cringe-fest again.

I did get through the whole series one time only...and I got some good fic out of it, but Life on Mars, it wasn't.

I am glad that Ray got a redemption arc, even if it was a bit too obvious and melodramatic. I think Shazz was a potentially great character who never got properly developed and between my Sam/Chris ship and a bit of a Alex/Chris one, I never really got into her and Chris's relationship.

I won't spoil the finale, but it is a satisfying ending for both series...just not the emotional brilliance of the Life on Mars ending. Sorry, LoM was perfect and probably should have been left where it was. In my head and heart, it did.
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