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100 tv shows-#88-Mannix

I have a feeling my last 12 posts to finish this project are going to be driven by the deaths of heroes and my acceptance of more shows that I'm giving up on. Somehow it is important to me get to 100, even if there are fewer people reading and I have less and less to say. It may be the last gasp of this blog at all. As part of the recovery process, I'm letting go of being online while eating, which takes away a LOT of the remaining time I've got to do this. There's a big post on the topic of What Do I Really Care About, or some such navel-gazing coming up soon. But that's not what we're here for today.

Mike Connors, Long-Running TV Sleuth in ‘Mannix,’ Dies at 91
(Yes, this happened two months ago.)


In putting this post together, I was surprised to see how long the show actually lasted and I can't remember if I was watching it all the way through. I'm positive I shipped Joe and Peggy, although I REALLY had a crush on Joe Mannix and lusted hard for his womanizing to be aimed in my pre-pubescent and adolescent direction. This HAD to be a show I watched with Mommy, so she must have been equally interested in Joe or Mr. Connors. I was very, very interested in Mr. Connors, although through all my way old-movie watching obsession days, I never actually got around to watching "Where Love Has Gone,". I read about it over and over, but somehow it was never on and even after VHS got big...just never did it.

What's even weirder is that aside from the womanizing, and the groovy turtlenecks, and the UST with Gail Fisher, I have no memory of actual plots. The episodes that I do remember watching are the ones from the first season when Joe worked for Intertect unlimited with those giant, clunky, state-of-the-art, punchcard spewing computers. And Joe Campanella...I think proto-fan me saw some interesting chemistry there as well.

So here's an interesting moment of cringe from the Chronicles of K-gal.

Details are vague, but the one important fact is that at my High School, the co-director of the school musicals was one Joyce Campanella. I think she was either a teacher or the school nurse. Joyce Campanella, it turned out, was the sister of Joseph Campanella, and he came to the final dress rehearsal of the Senior Musical of 1982-Grease. I was the assistant stage manager of said production, and Mr. Campanella was prominent enough that we were given an opportunity for some Q&A....given my little moment, I asked something about Mannix. I believe Mr. Campanella was a bit taken aback...and my fellow students gave me the "weirdo" look...not for the first or last time during my childhood.

I have fond, if vague memories of the show, especially that first season. I'd love to go back and see it again, but not with Hubby, just in case it's aged as badly as those groovy turtlenecks.
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