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Well that's embarrassing!

First of all, everything's fine! I had a lovely trip to Phoenix last week. The short version: Yes, it was hot! Two free hotels. Relaxing time with relatives. Floppy hat worn to protect alabaster skin. Two museums in two days might not have been the best action plan. WAY TOO SPREAD OUT!!! Gorgeous scenery. Yes, I stayed abstinent. I stayed about 98% sane, with one afternoon of getting a bit shirty when my blood sugar crashed and I got panic-stricken at the idea of not being able to get a "security blanket" piece of fruit. I managed to do Yoga AND Karaoke in one night. Hubby got to an Irish music session held at a Quaker Meeting House. Pictures to come as soon as I get all my devices and various apps synched.

Now the embarrassing bit:
I'm still trying to sell that extra Bryan Ferry ticket, preferably to someone who will convey to me to the concert and squeeeee with me throughout. At least that's the story going on in my head and I thought Craig's List was the way to find this person.

Instead I was contact via text (because I put my cell number in the ad...LIKE AN IDIOT) and someone offered me the price I was asking for the ticket. Even though they didn't give me a name and had really bad English and said they were not in the area, I just assumed it was some kind of dealer or scalper and OK, I wasn't thrilled, but was just corrupt enough to go for it.

THEN, the cashier's check (you all know where this going right?) arrived in the amount of (wait for it) $2000.10. And I was like what the fuckety, fucking fuck, but I still didn't get it.

I texted back asking "What's Up?" The English on the other end got even worse and was talking about my depositing the check IMMEDIATELY and giving the extra to the person who would pick up the ticket.

I know there are many, you should pardon the expression, devout atheists on what's left of my F-list, but at this point all the bells went off in my heart, head and gut. And I do call that voice Krishna, Ganesh, Shiva, Buddha, Jesus Motherfucking Christ, or Higher Power.

I fessed up to Hubby (again!) and told Mr. (or MS) Buyer that I wasn't comfortable with this and would only go through with the transaction as originally laid out. You buy the ticket. I send the ticket. I offered to send the check back and asked for the address...because I still thought it might be someone remotely wanted to buy the actual ticket. That's when the texts got super pushy, threatening, cajoling and I started reading about on-line scams, especially via Craig's List.

So, yeah, I dodged the bullet, but boy...it was close. I feel quite the fool on many levels and rather disappointed in the Universe and especially Craig's List, where I honestly thought I'd find someone to bond with my Bryan Love who would get a great deal on the concert in return for driving me.

My heart is a little broken, but my bank account is intact.

Of course I STILL need someone to buy the ticket, but I'm doing my best to turn it over to the Universe and trust that something will work out.
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