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100 TV Shows-#90-Time Team

Ten to go guys! I am going to finish this thing.

Time Team

Going from a show I will probably never finish watching to one where I can guarantee I've seen every seen every single episode including the specials. Or heard them all anyway.

Sometime back in the early 90's we watched whatever episodes were being shown on PBS or Discovery. I remember enjoying them in a vague way, but mostly being amused by the ugly sweaters.

Flash forward to about two years ago. I was desperately looking for something fun for me and hubby to watch on YouTube and I found a whole playlist of British documentaries. Mostly good stuff, including a slew of goodies with the delightful Lucy Worsley.

Included in the playlist were all the Time Team specials. With no commercials. We went through those and then decided we would watch the entire series from the beginning. It's all there on YouTube. Apparently Channel 4 is a lot cooler about people getting to watch their shows than our good friends at BBC. (I'm currently very annoyed at Auntie Beeb for pulling all the QI episodes.)

So we started watched them before we went to sleep at night...and then hubby got in the habit of leaving the playlists on as we went to sleep. It's still going on. Every night we're sleeping in the same bed, we put on the Ipad and listen to Time Team over and over and over. It's the most soothing thing in the world.

I love the voices, the snark, the hope, the disappointments, the Roman Temples that never show up, the cool history tidbits, the Yorkshire accents, the ugly sweaters and of course Tony.

Education, Entertainment and a soporific. What's not to love?

I just my night's sleep by how many trenches it takes me to fall asleep.
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