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More television notes:

Memo to American Idol contestants:

"Feelin' Good" is an unbelievably difficult song to sing. If you are the least bit average or mediocre, this song will magnify your weaknesses to Nth degree and you will sound even worse than you would have with a less complex song. Trust me on this.

Two more weeks till House MD starts again. That will make it almost two months to the day since the last episode.

This is insanity and just stupid on the parts of TIIC.

We the few, the proud, the insane will be there, but do they really think they're going to hold the audience after all this time based on what they giving out in the early part of the season?

I realize a lot of this is being dictated by the strike about which nothing can be done, but it's also being dictated by American Idol and god knows what else and I think they're making a big mistake.


Golden Globes: SIGH!

I'm bummed about lack of show and Hugh not winning this year. I'm trying to figure out if the eligible work would ONLY have been episodes shown in 2007, which would still include the latter part of the 3rd season and there fore Half-Wit, Top Secret, The Jerk and some other really good eps OR the entire 2006/2007 season, which would mean the entire Tritter arc and therefore (whatever we thought of the plots) some completely amazing acting on Hugh's part.
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