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Dear Yuletide Writer.

Another year, another Yuletide!

Hello lovely writer. Thank you for offering whichever fandom we matched on. I'm passionate about all the characters I've requested and will be thrilled with any fic you're inspired to create.

Things I hate: AU, MPREG. Not crazy about cross-overs unless otherwise noted.
Please no A/B/O/Omegaverse/knotting or associated aspects, tropes etc.

Fandom: Justified
Raylan Givens
Boyd Crowder

I loved this show so much for its great writing and not to mention all the supporting characters who could scare you to death, piss you off, or break your heart in any given scene, due to the writing and acting.

My special passion however is the Ho-yay/Foe-yay between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder. While I believe Boyd truly falls in love with Ava, I also think that he and Raylan have something deep and lasting between them, no matter how many times they try kill or incarcerate each other. I know it’s the biggest cliché in the fandom, but there’s just no way that “We dug coal together,” doesn’t mean something deeper.

While I’d love to see some fairly hard-core slash for these two, I’d also be good with some UST, or just obsession on the part of one or the other. It could be something back in the “dug coal” days or a missing scene from some point in the cannon. If you don’t go for the actual sex, I’d be happy with a fantasy masturbation scene on the part of either character, or even something from Ava or any other character’s point of view, who finds their relationship titillating. Extra bonus love for any way you might find to get Wynn Duffy in there as a participant, fantasist, or observer because there’s no snark like Wynn Duffy snark.

Anything that slots into missing space within canon makes me happy, as does a possible post-series fic. I’m not particularly a fan of schmoop, but something that shows Raylan to have genuine feelings toward Boyd would be appreciated, especially post series. I KNOW he was manipulating Boyd in the last scene, but I also believe/feel/need/want him to FEEL something for this man he’s known so long and FAILED to kill on many occasions when he could have. Perhaps, against all odds, Boyd gets paroled and Raylon decides to intercept him long enough to give Ava a head start and the best or only way is to play the “We dug coal” card and things HAPPEN…and Raylan likes it happening more than he wants to admit.

In general I tend to sympathize with Boyd over Raylan far more than any right-thinking person should. Walton Goggins slow-burn sexiness tends to make me forget that he's supposed to be the baddie. Also the fact that almost every season had a baddie who was so much baddier and less appealing. So if there's anyway that Boyd "wins" in whatever the scenario is, I'd be thrilled, although I understand this might not be realistic or fit in with canon, so I leave that to your discretion. Maybe it's nobody wins, or just sweet enough that everybody does.

For a gen prompt, anything where Boyd is willing to work with Raylan to protect Ava from any of the numerous truly evil bitches and bastards threatening her. The addition of Wynn Duffy or Constable Bob would be a treat. The two characters I’d like to see least in any scenario are Loretta and Wynona.

Another point of interest for me is Boyd's military service. Maybe a story harking back to his decision to enlist vs the so-called "good guy" Raylan, choosing not to do so. Perhaps something angsty about that point in time, like a farewell scene before Boyd shipped out.

If you do go for hard-core slash, do not feel obliged to go particularly vanilla. These are bad boys and I’m happy to see them do bad things to each other, possibly in the name of not admitting that they really care.


DNW-Rape by McNulty

The Wire
Jimmy McNulty
Kima Greggs

I pretty much ship Jimmy with everyone and everything, but this is the true wrong/dirty/bad/problematic Wire ship of my heart and I ship it HARD!!! If we matched on these characters, I'm hoping it means you're on board and willing to go at least part way to Hell with me.

I fucking LOVE Jimmy McNulty. I love him in all his fucked up, alcoholic, self-destructive glory, and I'm really interested in fic with him getting some sex....possibly drunken, self-destructive, dub-con, OMG what have I done sex. I'm fine with graphic, but not particularly interested in PWP. I'm way more concerned with how it happened and what the aftermath might be, even it's just all parties deciding never to speak of it again.

I'm NOT looking for any kind of gay erasure. Kima is who she is and whatever might happen in a drunken moment or if she were acting out in some way is not going to change that, but I still think something could happen and the aftermath would be a whole lot of WTF. The only thing I don't want for this pairing is non-con with Jimmy as the aggressor. I'm OK with dub-con in terms of both of them being shit-faced and making bad decisions, or even Kima being the aggressor and Jimmy knowing it's a bad idea, but being too fucked up or just too Jimmy to hold out and giving in against his better judgement. Maybe Kima having to deal with her guilt for cheating or taking advantage of Jimmy or confusion for any amount of enjoyment, but NOT, NOT, NOT ever, Jimmy out and out raping Kima. I'm also good with either of them fantasizing about the other, complete with WTF on Kima's part if it's her.

Perhaps something happening after the hotel room scene in "Moral Midgetry" because I'll bet Jimmy gives a helluva massage that could lead to anything from mutual masturbation, separate wanking in the two beds with either shared dialogue or attempted silence, to an out and out sex scene followed by complete denial that anything ever happened, which would lend extra resonance to Kima's response when the sheriff tells Kima that her partner is "a bit of an asshole."

If Bunk and or Bubbles get any hint of something going on or having gone on and want to lend their individual wit, wisdom and snark to the situation, that would be fabulous.

On the Genfic side, I'm good with any tidbits of them just hanging out by the tracks or doing actual MCU work complete with snarky take-downs of other characters. I adore the scenes where Kima is forced to acknowledge her own "Inner McNulty" and gets the chance to laugh at herself about it, so anything in that vein is fine.

I'm currently in the middle of Season 3, but spoiled enough that you're welcome to write fic taking place at any point in the canon or afterwards. I'm aware of how badly Jimmy fucks up and burns his bridges by the end of the show. It hurts me to know this, but if you want to go post-series and incorporate that for added pain and poignancy, I'm right there with you.


20th Century Music RPF
Bryan Ferry
David Bowie

Such beautiful,beautiful men. So much great slashy potential. I'd take any kind of slash for these two from any period. Early 70's glam. Early Roxy Bryan/Ziggy Bowie. 70's-Siren...Bryan's with Jerry, but there's some kind of great longing, lust, guilt, love, self-hatred, passion or just a one night stand with Bowie.

"These Foolish Things" and "Pin-Ups" were released within six months of each other. Was there a discussion about doing that kind of Album? Did either one sneak in a love-letter or shout out to the other? Bryan's cover of It's My Party where he keeps the names and genders unchanged might be relevant, as differentiated from his version Back to Black, for instance.

Any connection between Bryan/David and Jerry leaving Bryan for Mick Jagger?

Early 80's---Avalon/Station to Station. MTV...Let's Dance. Lots of cocaine going on. Both of them at their most totally gorgeous. Who could resist?
I'm not picky about who loves who or who tops or whether it's love, lust, drugs, alcohol etc.

Cheating on wives/girlfriends/boyfriends and bandmates is fine.

Also any other characters you want to throw in from the Warhol crowd or the Bowie, Iggy, Lou history. Perhaps the affair, relationship, one-nighter is an inspiration for a song such as Mother of Pearl, Avalon, Casanova or Can't Let Go? From David's POV, how about the piss-taking of the character that is clearly a Bryan expy in the long form video of Jazzing For Blue Jean? Maybe affectionate, maybe not so much?

Seriously, put them together in any way, size, shape or form and I'll be happy. I'm also fascinated by Bryan's alleged snobbery, which is probably rooted in class consciousness of his more humble beginnings in Newcastle. I'd love it if a bit of Geordie accent slipped at the height of passion, rather than his usual impeccable RP.

No need to stay vanilla, although I'm fine if you do. Divine decadence or sheer elegance.

I’m also good with any kind of triangular involvement or threesomes, regardless of the genders involved or just cameo appearances if you share my passion for those people. Throw in Angie, Kari-Ann, Amanda Lear, Jerry Hall, Nico, Lucy Ferry, Iman, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno etc., as you see fit.

One especially personal bit of Iddy stuff…I’m totally obsessed with Bryan smoking.

So if a post-coital cigarette turned up, or any glimpse of Bryan with a cigarette in his hand or mouth, I wouldn’t object. He canonically quit in 1986 so if the fic takes place after that you can allude to him perhaps being tempted or having a memory of smoking, or just deciding the hell with it, sex with David deserves a cigarette, no matter what effect it might have on his health and voice.

My understanding is that David quit after the birth of his daughter in 2000. Depending on when your fic takes place, I’d love to see him smoking or feeling tempted, or feeling the occasion warrants it.

Bryan trunk
David Bowie
My fantasy Bryan

If the slash isn't speaking to you, and you're look for a Gen idea...don't forget this quote from Bryan, which he actually attributes to Nicky Haslam.

"Other bands wanted to wreck hotel rooms; Roxy Music wanted to redecorate them.”

DIY projects, clothes fittings, hilariously mundane trips to Ikea?

Bryan contemplating David's death and his own mortality either from a slash or non-slashy perspective would be lovely.


Fandom:Kennedys RPF

John F. Kennedy
Robert F. Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

No JFK assassination theories that implicate Bobby. Others are fine.

WOW! I was surprised and delighted to see this in the tagset. I've been in love with the Kennedys and the Camelot mystique as long as I can remember. I've read about them compulsively, worked on Edward M. Kennedy's 1984 Primary campaign and got the privilege to shake his hand both that year and again in 1988.

The only person I detest is Old Joe. Feel free to villify him as much as you like.

I love the beauty and glamour of the early 60's and the more I read about Jack and Bobby, even stuff that other people use to denigrate them, the more in love I am.

If we matched on these characters, just know that I'd be happy with almost any combination and arrangement.

Feel free to throw in other characters, such as any members of the Rat Pack, especially Peter Lawford (one of the tragedies, in his own way) Judith Exner, other politicians and celebs of the day.

I'm totally OK with any Jack/Bobby incest ideas you might have, and the need to hide it from the old man and the spouses, or the possibility that Jackie knows and understands...or knows and doesn't.
Bobby/Jackie--lust and longing on either part is fine. I'd adore comfort sex after the assassination OR hate-sex at any point in time, or an on-going affair in the face of Jack's well-known infidelities.
If a threesome scenario, one-time or ongoing appeals to you: go for it.
Any thoughts about the brothers that Jackie has on the verge of marrying Onassis
I'm good with RFK in either his "Ruthless Bobby" or "Saint Bobby" phases.
Feel free to bring up the Addison's disease and the various drugs that Jack was on for the back pain at any time, including the fact (per Judith Exner Campell) that he was rather passive in bed due to the back injury.
References to Marilyn Monroe are fine....whether you believe she was screwing Jack or Bobby or both, or was eventually killed/screwed over by both/either/neither. (Maybe Jackie got Peter Lawford to arrange for Marilyn's demise to protect her position and the family?)
Any wacky conspiracy theories are fine, EXCEPT anything that implicates Bobby in Jack's death.
Seriously...go to town. I'm just happy to have great teeth, beautiful people and Brookline accents in one story.

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