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Staycation almost over

Hubby and I actually had a week off at the same time, so we planned a week of doing stuff around town, where I could also accomplish some missions and go to Yoga every day.

Hubby even got into the Yoga act. He's not a big fan of the flow style, but it turns out he LOVES Yin yoga, which is more what he considers "real" Yoga. It means only a few poses, mostly on the ground for a long time, rather than a lot of Sun Salutations and multiple Asanas. So yay to Alex at Laughing Lotus for getting Matt onto the mat.

My MAJOR goal was to get the draft of my story written and off to a beta. Yes, I am cutting it bloody close this year. No pinch hits or treats as far as I can tell.

My other missions for the week were as follows:
Monday-My first Al Anon meeting. My OA sponsor and others have been listening to me bang on about codependent, people-pleasing issues and have not so subtly suggested it was time.
Tuesday-Get my laptop to the repair shop. Two problems, the big one being that my main laptop was killed by the most recent forced update from Windows 10. The other being that the power jack on Dell computers is pathetic and eventually gives up all together and needs to be repaired. Both situations can be resolved. It will definitely cost some $$$. I'd almost say "screw it," and stick with the one I'm using now, which is my late sis-in-law's HP, but so far I haven't been able to load ITunes on that. Plus I do have a LOT of stuff on that hard drive, so....
Wednesday-My nails. What can I tell you? I currently do a job where people have to look at my hands touching their IDs, Phones (or paper tickets) and credit cards. I need them to look nice
Friday-Hubby and I went to the DeYoung museum.

Our nighttime excursions were as follows, along with watching a bunch of classical music DVDs we hadn't looked at in ages.
Monday-Dinner at Kitava. It's great to have a Paleo-friendly restaurant less than three blocks from my front door. Added hilarity from the fact that it's in a form McDonalds.
Tuesday-I went to 12/12 day. VERY INSPIRATIONAL
Wednesday-A Pub Quiz at Napper Tandy's. The team I was on kicked all kinds of ass and I was able to contribute a few answers that no one else knew.
Thursday-Dinner and a Set Dancing lesson at The United Irish Cultural Center. This was WAY out of my comfort zone. I wasn't crazy about having a 2nd dinner out and I'm not much of a dancer. Plus the twirling wasn't a good combination with my tendency towards vertigo. BUT I TRIED!
Tonight-We're going to the Roxie for a documentary about Dennis Hopper.

Tomorrow my life goes sort of back to normal and Sunday I'm back to work at 5AM.

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