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100 tv shows-#94-The Kenny Everett Video Show, 95-Solid Gold

The Kenny Everett Video Show

Wiki is kind enough to tell me that this was originally broadcast on ITV from 1978 to 1981. However, back here in the states, I'm pretty sure I was watching it after Night Flight on NBC the summer after I graduated high school, which means I didn't see it until 1982, if not later.

I KNEW NOTHING! I'd barely gotten MTV, I hadn't fallen in love with Bryan Ferry. I had no idea about how truly Awesome Kenny Everett was. I didn't know about Pirate Radio. I didn't know who half the people in the videos were. I was mostly amused by the running gag of Cliff Richard (who I did know and love) being cut off in the middle of Living Doll. I remember my sister describing Hot Gossip as "anorexic white women dancing with muscular black men." I also didn't know anything about Sarah Brightman.

I did love the sketches, never mind that it would be a few years before I'd have enough context about British politics and culture in general for a lot of them to make any sense or for me to get "Cupid Stunt." Captain Kremmen was THE BEST!

If you can believe it, I didn't even know Kenny was gay. (I know, I'm rolling my eyes at myself.)

Now we have Youtube of course and it's all there for me. So much of the stuff I eventually embraced and got obsessed with including my beloved Bryan. I'm grateful for those brief glimpses of the pop person I was destined to become.

Solid Gold

Saturday afternoons. Me dancing around the living room. Dionne Warwick, Andy Gibb, REX SMITH!

Same basic time frame. Way more US-centric, obviously plenty of British performers, although not the Smiths, Joy Division and others I still didn't know about. These were the days when I listened to Casey Kasem. American Top 40 actually meant something. I feel so old.

Happy memories though. Lip synching, primitive videos...and those dancers.

Here's my favorite Solid Gold dancer:

I was obsessed with that braid.

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