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We're going where the sun shines brightly

And this years Spring Holiday takes us to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's pretty random. Basically I go where I can get free hotels and sit in a plane for less than three hours. I've already worked through my anticipation of drama around food...and I'm as addicted to food drama as I am to food itself. I've got my Paleo snacks pack
ed and my hard and fast rules for what I will not eat. Beyond that, it's the one plate rule and staying honest with my food buddy along the way. I'm sure there will be SOME drama because I am such a Drama Queen, but hopefully not that kind of drama.

I'm still working on getting all my LJ fic, including the 2011 Drabble-a-Day project, posted to A03. At SOME point LJ will leave us or I will mwake a final exit from both DW and LJ, but I do want the fic available. Sturgeon's Law may apply, but damn, some of that stuff was really good. Or it wasn't, but it still speaks to my ID, even if I hope I'm no longer the person who wrote a lot of it.

Some of the drabbles are crap, though, although I really did work hard on them.

100 Things Meme...ALMOST THERE! I am going to finish that m.f. thing. Seriously.

Hubby update: He turned sixty and decided he needed a skateboard, an electric skateboard. Then a regular board. Then a longboard. Then a short board. Then a custom board. At some point justifiable homicide may kick in, assuming the Universe doesn't take care of the situation for me.

Work still rocks. I'll have my dream shift for the next six month. Closing shift Sunday to Thursday. I keep my Karaoke on Saturday, I have Fridays with hubby and I can sleep in on Sunday.

Every day I don’t binge is a miracle.
Every time I use my measuring spoons or a cup is a miracle.
Every time I eat a food that I’d really like to have more of, but stop at my measured or designated portion is a miracle.
Every time I say no to a food that could potentially be the first compulsive bite is a miracle.
Every time I’m honest with my food buddy about every mouthful and any deviations from my committed food plan of the night before is a miracle.
Every time I manage to come down off my high horse and apologize for a temper flare or an undeserved snarky comment is a miracle.
I’m about to send out an amends letter to my sister, which was virtually unimaginable when I came crawling back into the three years and eight months ago.
My sponsor has basically told me I’m now in step ten, when I was actually hoping to dick around with nine a while longer.
“There is one who has all power; that one is god. May you find him now.”

So basically: Yoga, Work, Program, Karaoke.

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