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100 TV Shows-#97-Phenom

A long time ago in a galaxy...oh, OK, back in July of 2012, and right here in this very chair, I wrote an entry about Knot's Landing, Dallas and Live at Five, in od which I mentioned my obsession with one William Devane. I mentioned that I'd followed from Knot's Landing to other shows including a little item called Phenom and that some day I would write about it. It's now nearly six years later, and I am nothing, if not a woman of my word.


I guess we'll put this in the Broken Badges and even Arrow (shudder) category of shows I watched for a single actor in spite of all reason. Because by 1993, I was a long time past any interest in sit-coms, especially a "family" sit-com a single mom and teenage kids, which I remember some sarcastic article, maybe in TV guide or even the American version of Spy describing as "Who's the Blossom." BUT...William Devane!!! Greg Sumner. JFK. The made for TV not-half-bad remake of From Here To Eternity. THOSE TEETH!

So...there I was, 29 years old, already married, and watching THIS because of how much I loved William Devane. So the whole Barrowman/Arrow thing definitely had an antecedant, but since there was no interwebs to vent on, or a fandom to commiserate with, I didn't have the kind of rage-a-holic reaction I'd develop later to disappointing television or just plots that didn't do what I wanted them to.

1 season, 22 episodes. I'm pretty sure I watched them all.

I don't remember much, except I think I wanted more Devane and less family and that the Coach character was comic relief rather than a bad-ass mofo and it wasn't fun to watch, although Devane in tennis shorts probably was. I doubt this even exists on DVD and I don't see any episodes on Youtube, but I'd curious to see it again. I vaguely remember his flirtation with the Mom, but probably also a frisson with the girl. It's a little sad because I didn't follow Devane anywhere else, even IMDB tells me he's worked consistently and been in TONS of series and Made for TV. He was awesome in that one episode of NCIS and still has a great set of teeth.

But you know, time marches on, and he'll never be quite as hot as he was as Greg Sumner.

I'm glad we did have one more fling.

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