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100 tv shows-#99-Batman

Almost there, guys!


RIP Adam West, You will always be MY Batman.
Yvonne Craig as Batgirl is probably my first ever girl-crush/role-model. I was Batgirl for Halloween at least three or four years running. When we played Batman in the basement of our house on 6th Street in Fair Lawn, or ever in the hallway back in Washington Heights, I was ALWAYS Batgirl.
I can still tell you the name of every actor who played a Special Guest Vi
This show was my introduction to the awesomeness of Tallulah Bankhead.
I fell in love with Cliff Robertson as Shame.
Please don't ask me to pick a Catwoman, but Frank Gorshin is clearly the best Riddler.
I was too young in 1966-68, but I vividly remember watching this every day after school in Washington Heights, so I must have been watching the re-runs between 1970 and 1974.
I still say "Holy Guacamole, Batman!" when a juicier exclamation might be inappropriate.
I'd definitely vote for Mayor Linseed.
I feel like the campy, but dead pan humor was as important to the evolution of my persona as watching Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares.
How did it take me this long to remember how important this show was to me?
I miss my New York/Gotham City of the 70's.
I want my cape back.
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