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100 TV Shows-#100 The Wire

The Wire

One MMOM fic

Here we are. Six years and four months. At first I never thought it would take so long and then I thought I'd never finish. When I started this project, I was posting on DW/LJ ALL THE TIME. House MD was still on the air. Torchwood was still a thing. I was working at the Desk of Doom, either binging my brains out OR restricting and the fandon/fanfic/LJ thing was pretty much all I had to escape from the misery. Of course being an addict and all-around-wench that I was, I also managed to make my fannish life miserable as well. If you are one of the people I interacted with either directly or by observation and did anything that hurt you, including shitting on your ship or your favorite character, or your interpretation of canon, I'm sorry.

I'd also thought I'd be able to finish the five seasons of The Wire by the time I was ready to wrap this up. WRONG! I've only just finished season 3, so I don't know for a fact that it's THE BEST TV SHOW EVER!!!, but it's pretty damn good, and it wouldn't be a K-gal thing without one overwhelming, obsessive, sexual crush on a gorgeous man who fucks everything that moves. Heeeeellllllllllooooooo Jimmy McNulty, you sexy, alcoholic, self-destructive, bastard.

Jimmy close up

I ship him with everybody, especially and most inappropriately of all, Kima.

(Someday I'll find a way to do a Jimmy/Jack crossover...or if one of you still loves me...pretty please?)

Also some of the best writing, directing, acting, editing, casting and music.

It just takes a lot of work. When I started watching, the Television Without Pity recaps were still available. Now I've got the Newbies versions posted by Alan Sepinwall, which have actually moved a few times since I started, but are now housed at Uproxx.

For each episode, I have to watch the episode. Re-watch with a commentary, if there's one on the DVD set, read Alan's recap, and then absorb.

Season 2 was really slow going, but by the end it was still as riveting as the first.

This is the show that eventually gives the most evil characters their humanity or lets all my favorites show their absolute worst side.

"This is Baltimore, gentlemen. The gods themselves will not save you."

This is also the show that allows me to impress actual residents of Baltimore by pronouncing the name of the city the way they do on the show.

It could take another year or longer to get through the last two seasons, but I'll be putting my Yuletide request in from here to eternity, or at least until I get.

And on that bombshell...We are out of here!

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.
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