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My wedding anniversary

This is my husband and I on Friday morning at Market Bar in the Ferry Building enjoying a cele-brunch for our 28th wedding anniversary.

This is my friend Ivan and I at Davies Symphony Hall on Saturday night enjoying a performance by the SF Symphony conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas, including some Gershwin , which was intended to be part of the Anniversary celebration weekend, except that on Saturday my darling husband, who turned 60 in March, fell off a SKATEBOARD and was on the couch, in pain, icing and unable to enjoy the planned festivity, which was his idea in the first place and for which I had agreed to eschew my usual Saturday night karaoke time at the Mint.

So...stress, anxiety, anger, Al Anon issues up the Wazoo. Wanting to get into the food big time!

However, I picked up this baby last Saturday and my husband’s midlife crisis is not worth my abstinence.

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