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Yuletide letter 2018

Hello Beautiful Yuletide Writer!

I’m very excited to be participating this year and hope I’m giving you prompts that you will be able to have fun with if you were assigned in the initial match-up. If I’ve ended up on the Pinch Hit list and you’ve chosen one of these prompts then you are totally awesome for being willing to go out on one of these limbs, some of which I realize, are varying degrees of problematic

These are all requests of my heart for characters I love and ship super hard, so pretty much any way you can get them together will bring joy to my heart. I love angst and drama. Guilt, hatesex, self-loathing, jealousy, non-con, dub-con, and abuse are all on the table where appropriate. I don’t think anyone needs to be utterly destroyed, although Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow could leave one of both of the participants in pretty rough shape depending on how dark you want to go.

I honestly don’t mind the sex/UST/angst taking a turn toward darkfic, kinky or dirty/bad/wrong. I wouldn’t go so far as to DNW gen altogether, but it’s not what I’ve come to the party looking for. “Bryan” and “Anna Nicole” are at least implied canon. Mac/Greg is a slash dream I’ve held in my heart a long time. Jimmy/Kima is the most problematic, but I ship it like burning. Carl/Neil is the best bet for something warm and fuzzy, despite the age discrepancy issues that I'll get into behind the cut.

I have a major kink for erotic talk, with on character getting off on the distinctive voice of the other describing in depth what they might do to the other and the pleasure (or even pain) that may ensue. If any of the pairings are too problematic or squicky for an actual physical encounter, I'm always up for a good one-sided wank fantasy involving involving what ever level of angst, guilt, self-loathing etc. you may feel appropriate.

I realize ODAO and I want us both to have a lovely Yuletide.

Treats of any size are welcome.

And away we go:

Knot’s Landing
Greg Sumner
Mac Mackenzie


Two incredibly strong-willed, ambitious hot guys, with slightly different moral compasses. Greg’s teeth. Mac’s chest. The way they can try to destroy each other yet have compassion when one is truly suffering.

I ship it like burning and if we’ve matched on these two or you’ve picked me up as I pinch hit, I beseech you to make it so. At least once, with as much angst, hate-sex, self-loathing, jealousy, obsession or any kind of nastiness you’d like to sneak in there...or maybe it happened back when they were in law school together and still friends. I’d be good with a drunk, let’s never speak of this again,one night stand, or something that was going on for a long time.


I’d love it if they keep getting drawn back to each other, even when the plot has them at each other’s throats. If you’d like to incorporate Anne, Karen, Paige or any of the other ladies, I’m down for it. Threesomes are good; infidelity is great, especially if it makes Mac even more guilt-ridden when he can’t resist.

Mac chest

Maybe a hurt/comfort situation after Laura’s death?

Greg and Mac 2

As for top/bottom...in my heart Greg is the dominant male here, but maybe he tops from from the bottom? Control would always be an issue for these two, but if Mac keeps going back, then he’s going to end up on his knees eventually, no? I’d love to see your take on it though, so it’s not a DNW either way. Mostly I’m here for the slash, no matter how we get there or who does what, including dub or noncon.

Voice kink/erotic talk...Greg's insolent drawl or Mac's tough NY voice?

greg 2

Fluff is unlikely, but if you’d like to keep the relationship intact through the canon end of the series, why not?. Maybe that’s why Paige and Greg broke up...AGAIN, and it is Greg and Mac together in the end, with Greg grinning.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow-Video-Bryan Ferry.
Older Man-"Bryan"
Younger Woman-"Anna Nicole"

For the record, and surprising to no-one who knows me even slightly, I am obsessed with Bryan Ferry. I love this video. He and Anna Nicole Smith are gorgeous together and I love the cinematography.

Tonight, you're mine completely
You give, you love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow?

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment's pleasure?
Can I believe the magic of your sighs?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I'm the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun?

I'd like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now, and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?

So tell me now, and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

I love how much Bryan Ferry’s cover of this song completely subverts the material. I always loathed the innocent virgin about to give it up to a smooth talker. I may be cynical, but I always figured the answer to the question would be “Who says I love you now?”

In Bryan’s soft, somewhat bleak version, especially as seen in this video, the jaded older man has no illusions about what his girlfriend/mistress/wife/one-night-stand/obsession is in it for. I’d love a story about this relationship. How they got there. What happened just before the video. Is this the actual night of the seduction or is the “relationship” in progress. What are the dynamics? Is it pure older man/gold-digger. Does he want more out of the relationship than she does? Who’s using who and who is getting hurt? What is she so unhappy/angry about. Actual smut is very very welcome with whatever kinks you deem appropriate. He's wistful, but he maybe he's also a bastard? Maybe she's a sick twist and loves what he does to her, but hates herself for it as well. Or she's screwing around just to hurt him and he knows and gets off on it?

Or maybe she's some kind of beautiful illusion and he's got some very dirty fantasies around her.

I feel like this could also be part of a larger story told either through the other songs on Taxi, including Rescue Me, another song where Bryan takes on the persona of what was a more vulnerable female “protagonist” in the original, OR even incorporate any other material from the Bryan/Roxy canon.
Is she the girl from "All Tomorrow's Parties," or the one who had "A Really Good Time?" Did he pick her up a la "Love Is The Drug?" Is one or both of them a "Slave To Love?" Is he the "Casanova?" Is she the object of "In Every Dream Home, A Heart Ache," come to life?

Maybe it's their last night together. He knows she's leaving, but he's pretending not to?

I could even see a connection to Bryan’s cover of Johnny and Mary. 22 years later and he's still pining over sad younger women in black and white.

This video was made in 1993. Bryan Ferry was 48 and Anna Nicole Smith was 26. He’s certainly old enough to be her father. Daddy kink or even actual incest is always possible as well. She needs a father figure and lover...he's happy to be both. Applicable to the characters in the video as well.

I’m ok with non or dub con if you want to go there.

Please DO NOT make Bryan an idiot. Even if he's an obsessed older man, he's still rich and gorgeous, so my DNW would be some scenario that makes him look ridiculous for whatever feelings he has for her.

IF (and only IF) RPF floats your boat and you’d like something where the lines between the characters and the performers get crossed, my squeeee would know no bounds. In 1993 Anna Nicole was having the affair with and was eventually married to Billionaire J Howard Marshall. Bryan was still married to Lucy Helmore. Angsty UST/infidelity is right up my alley. Or maybe real-life Bryan is tempted, but manages to resist, even if WYSLMT Bryan gets to do what Real Life Bryan won’t. Or maybe one of them loses track of the difference. One-sided obsession or UST is fine there as well.

Bonus for sexy smoking "Bryan" or Bryan.

The Wire
Jimmy McNulty
Kima Greggs

I pretty much ship Jimmy with everyone and everything, but this is the true wrong/dirty/bad/problematic Wire ship of my heart and I ship it HARD!!! If we matched on these characters, I'm hoping it means you're on board and willing to go at least part way to Hell with me.

I fucking LOVE Jimmy McNulty. I love him in all his fucked up, alcoholic, self-destructive glory, and I'm really interested in fic with him getting some sex....possibly drunken, self-destructive, dub-con, OMG what have I done sex. I'm fine with graphic, but not particularly interested in PWP. I'm way more concerned with how it happened and what the aftermath might be, even it's just all parties deciding never to speak of it again.

Nulty has eyes for Stringer

I'm NOT looking for any kind of gay erasure. Kima is who she is and whatever might happen in a drunken moment or if she were acting out in some way is not going to change that, but I still think something could happen. The only thing I DNW for this pairing is non-con with Jimmy as the aggressor. I'm OK with dub-con in terms of both of them being shit-faced and making bad decisions, or even Kima being the aggressor and Jimmy knowing it's a bad idea, but being too fucked up or just too Jimmy to hold out and giving in against his better judgement. Maybe Kima having to deal with her guilt for cheating or taking advantage of Jimmy or confusion for any amount of enjoyment, but NOT, NOT, NOT ever, Jimmy out and out raping Kima. I'm also good with either of them fantasizing about the other, complete with WTF on Kima's part if it's her.

Perhaps something happening after the hotel room scene in "Moral Midgetry" because I'll bet Jimmy gives a helluva massage that could lead to anything from mutual masturbation, separate wanking in the two beds with either shared dialogue or attempted silence, to an out and out sex scene followed by complete denial that anything ever happened, which would lend extra resonance to Kima's response when the sheriff tells Kima that her partner is "a bit of an asshole."

I'm not a big fan of watersports, but maybe one of those pee-ing scenes by the tracks could get the ball rolling, if only because one or the other is vulnerable enough to be partially exposed and also because those are the times where they really seem to "get" each other. Another option that would make me swoon is hurt/comfort after Stringer's death. I LOVE Kima's line to Bunk about Jimmy taking it, "Like he was kin." Jimmy and Kima would be so bad for each other in every possible way and yet so good in a single moment. Maybe that's what drives Jimmy back to Beadie because he knows it will never happen again.

Jimmy and dead Stringer

If Bunk and or Bubbles get any hint of something going on or having gone on and want to lend their individual wit, wisdom and snark to the situation, that would be fabulous. (Maybe a Greek chorus scenario of Bunk, Bubbles or any other characters musing about Jimmy/Kima as an alternative or adjunct to the ship itself?) Bubbles would probably have some strong words regarding how fucked up "McNutty" is and nobody knows how bad Jimmy can be for people the way Bunk does.

I'm currently at the end of season 3, but spoiled enough that you're welcome to write fic taking place at any point in the canon or afterwards. I'm aware of how badly Jimmy fucks up and burns his bridges by the end of the show. I still love him. I know a realistic Jimmy will not be a "nice" one, especially in this context, but please respect my DNW on the rape thing.

Space Exploration RPF
Carl Sagan
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil and Carl

My #1 prompt for this is based on Neil's story of meeting Carl Sagan.

The year is 1975. Neil is 17. Carl is 41.

I think you can see where this is going. What if the snow gets so bad the bus doesn't come and Neil has to stay at Carl and Linda's place?
For the record, the age of consent in New York is 17, so legally, it's not statutory rape, however I know it's still a pretty heavy age discrepancy AND power differential, plus all that hero worship. So definitely dirty/bad/wrong....but OMG SO HOT! And just to up the ante, we all know that Carl Sagan was rather fond of cannabis and I'd really love it if there was a bit of toking up to get the (ahem) ball rolling. I'm sure that Neil, 17 years old from the Bronx, was plenty experienced on that front anyway...maybe he even brings a bit of good stuff with him?

Neil 1976

I'd love almost any dynamic here. Carl being attracted to beautiful young man and being the aggressor. Neil wanting to seduce his hero. Carl resisting for obvious reasons, but eventually giving in. Mutual longing. Cuddling. Heavy petting. Full on sex in any and all particulars. I don't see non-con here, but the pot may lead to some dub-con, plus the whole age-discrepancy hero-worship thing. This is probably the one that could get fluffy as well. I just see so much love and affection here that something could happen and not have negative consequences. But it could also be super angsty, especially if Carl isn't that comfortable with that side of himself and also doesn't want to be a guy who screws beautiful 17 year old boys, but really can't stop himself in this case. As for angst...well, Neil didn't end up going to Cornell, so that could be a factor if you do want to add a little darkness and keep it as a one-night stand with regrats. Or maybe it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship/ongoing affair with no regrets. Or something in between. (Threesome involving Mrs. Sagan would be fine as well or Carl/Linda having an "understanding." I'm also good with infidelity and guilt.)


If this particular situation (including the pot) is too problematic or squicky and you want to do an encounter later on in Neil's career, I'd love that as well.

This could also be an opportunity for voice kink/erotic talk, either with or without the actual physical contact/penetration. Carl's rich, mellifluous voice telling young Neil what he like to do to him....YUM!

Or maybe it never happens, but one of them still occasionally fixates on it as a masturbation fantasy. Even if it was just the once, I can certainly see Neil thinking about it, especially after Carl dies in 1996, or when he talks about Carl in the new version of Cosmos. Bonus points for a "Billions and billions" reference.

DNW-Present-day Neil as a rapist, harasser, abuser etc.
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