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Movie Notes: Bad Times At The El Royale

I took myself out to the movies today. I'm on PTO all week since I had to get the whole week off just be able to go out on Halloween. Since Hubby is not off, it made sense to vacate the premises while he was sleeping and the promo for this one looked interesting. It's pretty rare for me to be in a movie theater besides the Roxie or occasionally the Alamo Draft House and even rarer for me to be seeing anything besides a documentary.

It's been ages since I went to a "regular' movie. The last one may have been just around this time last year when Frank (RIP) and I saw "Marshall" together in celebration of my birthday. I still miss Frank. Who will sing Fairytale of New York with me this year? But I digress.

Actually, let me digress some more, because I can't actually say too much about the movie with out being all spoileriffic and that would be a disservice. My birthday was awesome. I went to yoga, chanted, went to work and didn't binge. Yesterday I had my astrological chart done. Slightly confusing-what do you mean i'm a Libra and very moving. There a collage involved and my central image was that of a small vulnerable kitten. Who knew?

Anyway, I wanted to see the movie because of the trailer bits I saw on Facebook, which somehow gave me the impression that the movie starred Chris Hemsworth's abs. For the record, Mr. Hemsworth's abs do give an amazing performance and his pornstache is impressive as well. However the abba-dabbas and tash take their own sweet time showing up.

He may now be my favorite of the Chrises for being willing to do this role. (Compelling, but not sympathetic.)

John Hamm is now redeemed from how much I grew to hate Mad Men.

Luckily the build-up is entertaining. Zingy dialogue. Great music. VERY Tarantino-esque. I can't say much about the plot because the twists start early and keep on going. The most I can say is everybody has a secret. I LOVED the late 60's ambiance, but I had a few quibbles of things I found anachronistic and maybe a few plot holes.

My biggest mistake was having a large hot caffeinated beverage that required me to take several potty breaks during the 2 plus hours. I don't think I missed too much because there are scenes that actually give you time to absorb details rather than being nothing but jump cuts and shootings. If the DVD comes out with director's commentary, I'd be very interested in it.

I'm not sure Hubby would have like it, so I'm glad I went alone. There is quite a bit of violence, but nothing that will give me nightmares and I'm good with the ending.

Go to see it for the twists, esthetic and dialogue. Get the abs as a bonus feature.
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