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What kind of hellacious bullshit was that?

And no, I'm not talking about the officiating in the USA/Italy game.

Today started off so well. I slept in a bit. Made a little food for hubby so he could take some pain pills. Headed off to work for my first day with Tobie. I actually ran into Tobie in the Embarcadero Bart station, which is really strange because she was coming in from the East Bay and I was coming from the Mission. We walked to the office together and got things up and running. By the time Bubbles showed up, things were looking good.

Except of course, that there was an email from one of the clients about a trip with an hotel that was supposed to be canceled by hadn't been. It wasn't clear whether he was saying that we screwed up or his floater secretary screwed up. I didn't think this one was my fault and I resisted my instinct to assume guilt and responsibility. I just went about trying to get the guy a no-show waiver. It turned out that it was the floater secretary's fault. She never called to cancel. And I managed to get the waiver.

I was so happy about this that I didn't really worry too much when Sabre (my travel computer) started acting up. I rebooted. When that didn't work, I assumed it was a Sabre systemwide that would be quickly corrected. I even let go of my control freak, have to take care of everything myself-ness, to go out to lunch and let Tobie call the Sabre help desk. I sat out in the sun and read my paper. I went over to Victoria's Secret for a little splurge. As always I had trouble finding my particular bra size. I was planning a pleasant little LJ entry entitled "Let's talk about my boobs."

When I got back to the office, Tobie was on the phone with Sabre hardware and it turned out she had no idea where the modem was. I took over and was immediately plunged into 7 hours in hell.

Nobody wanted to take any responsibilty for the problem. Sabre, the law firm and the travel agency I work for all wanted to blame eachother. Donna, Melissa, Steve the IT guy also took turns sniping at eachother, being involved in phone conferences, rebooting and run various diagnostics, nothing of which solved the problem.

Tobie went to the regional office to work and I had to forward calls and messages to her. Naturally she got overwhelmed.

At 530PM, I was on hold trying to get Chris from Sabre back so we could conference them in with Titus in LA. Twenty mintues of bad music with Melissa, Donna and Steve and I all staring at the phone. When we finally got Chris and Titus together, they each wanted to blame the other's entity for the problem and then the agency for the way the modem was set up.

By 7:00PM, we finally determined that it really was the Law Firm's fault because ATT changed something in their routing which affected nobody's computers except the travel department. Then Titus went above and beyond the call of duty, got someones approval to change something else and at 830PM, I was able to get the computers up and running.


I wanted to come home and write smut and it took over and hour and 1/2 to even wind down enough to write this.

Now my eyes are starting to fade, and I have to get some sleep so I can go back and deal with all the shit that didn't get done today while the computer was down.

I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job.

Sorry for typos. I can barely see straight. I'll edit tomorrow.
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