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Movie Review-Bohemian Rhapsody

1. I'm a child of the 70's/80's so this is really music I grew up with.
2. I still prefer documentaries to Bio-pics. So many by-the-number cliches. Evil record company-check! Drugs in a limo-check.
3. Rami Malek will be nominated for the Academy Award as Best Actor. (Sorry, Sasha Baron Cohen.)
4. The Live Aid sequence is absolutely spectacular. I KNOW I'm supposed to hate Bryan Singer for any number of non-film related reasons, but damn, that was amazing.
5. Mustaches galore!
6. OMG! Can I just say again, OMG! This movie is a fag-hag's absolute wet dream. This is the story I would have Id-ficced for myself, all those nights of being the girl in the gay bar, or waiting for a friend to do what ever he did in the balcony of the Adonis theater in Times Square, back in the day. SHE tells Freddy he's gay. He gets despondent when she gets a boyfriend. The EVIL GAY MAN is EVIL for trying to keep HER away from Freddy. The male "true love" gets less than 10 minutes of screen time and NO SEX SCENE. All the really decadent stuff, including the Russian that everyone was shagging...nowhere to be seen. Mary gets actual sex.
Best fucking movie ever.
OK, not really, because that's Apocalypse Now, but this movie made me happy for what probably ALL THE WRONG REASONS.
7. LOL-Mike Meyers.
8. I also loved the Kenny Everett scene. Adorbs!
9. Aiden Gillen...the make-up wasn't doing him any favors.
10. Adam Lambert cameo. Wheeeee!
11. I want to see it again. Immediately. If I didn't have to finish my Yuletide fic, I'd be at the Roxie right now
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