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With apologies to my atheist friends

Or whatever you may choose to call he, she or it!
I had my Iphone do a runner on Monday. Don't honestly know if I dropped it, left it or had it taken, but either way, two hours of not having it. I used technology to remotely lock it and leave a message, asking for the return, no questions asked, which eventually led to being reunited (and it feels so good.)
I won't say I got through the two hours completely calm, but I was a zillion times calmer than I would have been without meditation, chanting, prayer and Program in my life. I didn't make myself and everyone around g to me completely miserable. And the #1 miracle, attributable ONLY to a Higher Power is that I didn't eat over it.

And while I'm offending people...
Yes, I get the rapey vibe on Baby It's Cold Outside, however I can't see having any moral authority to wage that war as long as my favorite thing to sing at this time of year contains the deathless lyric, "You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot!" (Although some people are more annoyed when I swim through the treacle of Mistletoe and Wine for various reasons. Sorry guys, I still ♥ Cliff.)

I read a TON of articles outlining all the ways that "Bohemian Rhapsody" is bollocks, in terms of being factually wrong to the point of slander in some cases, as well as how it is truly offensive in terms of LGBT representation, especially the "fruit flies" line. Then I went to see it again hoping not to love it as much. OOPS! Loved it even more. I'd say I'm on a highway to hell, but that's the wrong band and I'm not sure how Ganesha, Shiva etc feel about the whole thing.

I literally know NOTHING about Mr. Robot, apart from Rami Malek being in it. Does anyone I was tight with back in the day think I'd like it? I haven't watched any "new" television in....ok, Hubby and I (mostly hubby) watched the first two seasons of the Magicians recently and I was ok with that, but not passionately engaged.
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