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Two months later...

Hubby is healing...slowly! We're still not sure exactly when he's going to be cleared to go back to work.

My Team Leader announced she was retiring and after much dithering, I decided to apply for the position. Unlike the situation at the Desk of Doom, they at least gave me an opportunity to interview. Things move very slowly at American Express, so I had plenty of time to obsess and work through a bunch of Daddy issues that came up. Then I had to wait and wait and wait. I didn't get the position and while I'm a little disappointed, I'm also pretty relieved. The fact is, being the Team Leader in this environment would be a nightmare and I'd have to do a ton of shit I'm not really interested in doing...like working days. What I really wanted was "love."

As a result of anxiety, stress, fatigue and attempting to replace sleep with caffeine, I totally lost my voice last week and had to call in sick for two days, breaking a non-calling in sick streak of four years and ten months. My ego was NOT HAPPY. Lesson learned. I'm human. Damn it. What I did not do was binge!

Recent outings: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Fox Theater in Oakland.
Hubby and I had a belated celebration of his birthday by going to the symphony and hearing MTT conduct Mahler's 9th Symphony.
Going to a Kirtan at Laughing Lotus tonight.
Bryan Ferry coming up in August.

Recent watching: Good Omens.
LOVED IT SO MUCH! Haven't read the book. Yet. It was just delightful to watch actors who are often found drowning in angst clearly having so much fun. (I know what you're thinking, "Where is K-gal and what have you done with her.)

By the way...I know some of you still have no interest in FB, IG, Twitter. BUT...if I had gotten the Team Leader gig, I would probably have shut down the DW/LJ accounts and reduce my social media profile considerably. This still could happen. The distraction factor alone is a bad thing. I'm still here for
now, but as you can tell, if my day-to-day minutiae and dog pictures are of interest, this is no longer the place to find them. (Pictures are too much of a hassle when everything is happening on my phone, but LJ and DW aren't.)
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