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Autumn in New York

I'm not there yet, but I will be. I've been chasing the customer service award for four years because my co-worker Allen won it in the first year we were both at the Lounge and I (or at least my ego) have a competitive streak. I'm hopefully not quite the same psycho who used to have Crack-whore melt-downs when other writers in my fandoms and especially my ships got more comments than I did, but I still want ALL THE LOVE. Of course I'm not getting ALL THE LOVE because Allen got the Team Leader job, but every day I thank all the deities for that. Because right now being the Team Leader sucks!

Anyway...Customer Service Award gets a trip to NYC, fancy hotel, meet the CEO and see a Broadway show.

I was born in New York and therefore I can sing Native New Yorker with total justification. However I've lived in San Francisco for over 30 years and the last time I was actually in Manhattan, I had a bit of a panic attack in the middle of Times Square. For this trip I'm less worried about crowds than I am about food and clothes. There's a bunch of meals that I will not have total control over. I've just celebrated five years of not binging. I'm not going to blow it now. (One day at a time, but the grace of God.)

They provided a list of food restrictions and I gave them the whole shebang. Gluten free, Grain free, dairy free, no soy or legums, Paleo. I'm still bringing some salami, nuts and measuring cup with me.

Then there's the clothing. HOLY SHIT!!!! This trip has a series of events, including a photo op with the CEO and there's an actual dress code for each one. Business Casual, Smart Casual, and (get ready for it) Evening Chic. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! For the last five years, I've either worn my work uniform or yoga clothes. I hate shopping for clothes and since Yanni shuffled off this mortal coil, I no longer have a gay male in my life who I trust to be brutally honest with me AND talk me down from any body dysmorphia in the fitting room flare-ups.

My game plan right now is to try TJ MAXX, Nordstrom Rack and Macy's with an eye out for shirt-dresses. I'll also have to wear panty-hose and worst of all cram myself into a bra.

Be careful what you wish for my friends.

Just for the record, I'm also honored and supremely grateful for the award and my job. I'm just a little freaked out right now.
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