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Free at last, free at last!

One more thing to be happy about:

Thanks to Free The Net, I now have honest-to-god, FREE, high-speed internet access. Hopefully this will be a lot more consistent than my sleazy, leeching the high-speed off anonymous donor routine.

One thing not to be so happy about:

You know that thing that's been going around that starts in your chest and throat and knocks you on your ass for weeks at a time, that I've managed to avoid so far, even though hubby was hacking away for like two weeks? I seem to have gotten it.

Oh well, I've got a three-day weekend to fight it, and plenty of time to write and Hubby and I are now going to huddle around my lap-top and watch KKBB together. (I'm just praying the plot-bunnies will leave me alone until the next episode. I've got a NOVEL to write.)
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