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Feeling a bit ground down, but trying to stay grateful.

Gratitude turns everything we have into what we need and more.
Hubby had his gallbladder out yesterday. Before that he had about three weeks of pain, nausea, gastro-intestinal nastiness etc. For the past eight months we've been dealing with the broken arm.
Part of me is feeling that my entire year was given over to his health.

On the other hand...
First world problems.
He has insurance (at least for the time being.)
None of this is currently life-threatening.
The biggest concern is how much I'm going to have to accept what he'll be able to eat...in other words I've already had to un-embargo the rice. I'm still holding the line on wheat/soy, but it's going to be a tough sell when his snack options are limited and my FAT IS AWESOME standards aren't applicable to his post-gall bladder body. So my ego is definitely a factor here.
While I'm whinging about poor, pitiful me, keep in mind: I got to go to Kirtan camp. I went to NYC.

I haven't binged in five years, one month, and about two week. I still love my job.

One of the chants we did yesterday at Morning Mantras was Sita Ram.
Sita didn't give up when the demon wanted her to marry him.
Ram didn't give up trying to find Sita when the demon had taken her away.
They didn't get overwhelmed when they were living in exile together.

I'm going to be 55 in about two weeks and I'm in (kanine hora) great health, including abstinence from binging and sobriety from drugs/alcohol.

I've got NOTHING to complain about.
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