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Yuletide letter 2019

Hello Lovely Yuletide Writer!
If we matched on any of these fandoms, I'm thrilled to find a kindred spirit. If you are taking me on as pinch-hit, then you are a Yuletide angel. Either way, thank you in advance. I hope I'm giving you something that will make the writing part of your Yuletide a positive experience.

Optional Details Are Optional, but here are my thoughts and passions to help inspire you.

Things I love:
Angst, snark, punchy dialogue, characters smoking, hot smut, guilt-ridden UST. I don't mind a bit of BDSM D/s dynamic as long it's in character. Iddy adoration for cigarettes and for one character getting off to the sound another's voice going into graphic detail about what they'd like to do and how much the other one will enjoy it. This could be phone sex or perhaps in person, in a situation where the actual touching isn't safe or can't happen for some other reason, or just as foreplay, because it's hot. I'm OK with noncon or dubcon, unless otherwise specified.
Period or character-appropriate booze, drugs, cigarettes are always welcome.

DNW: ABO, AU, gender-swaps, cross-overs unless noted. Pregnancy (M or F). Kidfic.

Please note my absolute and total DNW for The Wire: Jimmy raping Kima. NO NO NO NO!!!!

The Wire
Jimmy McNulty
Kima Greggs

I pretty much ship Jimmy with everyone and everything, but this is the true wrong/dirty/bad/problematic Wire ship of my heart and I ship it HARD!!! If we matched on these characters, I'm hoping it means you're on board and willing to go at least part way to Hell with me.

I fucking LOVE Jimmy McNulty. I love him in all his fucked up, alcoholic, self-destructive glory, and I'm really interested in fic with him getting some sex....possibly drunken, self-destructive, dub-con, OMG what have I done sex. I'm fine with graphic, but not particularly interested in PWP. I'm way more concerned with how it happened and what the aftermath might be, even it's just all parties deciding never to speak of it again.

Nulty has eyes for Stringer

I'm NOT looking for any kind of gay erasure. Kima is who she is and whatever might happen in a drunken moment or if she were acting out in some way is not going to change that, but I still think something could happen. The only thing I DNW for this pairing is non-con with Jimmy as the aggressor. I'm OK with dub-con in terms of both of them being shit-faced and making bad decisions, or even Kima being the aggressor and Jimmy knowing it's a bad idea, but being too fucked up or just too Jimmy to hold out and giving in against his better judgement. Maybe Kima having to deal with her guilt for cheating or taking advantage of Jimmy or confusion for any amount of enjoyment, but NOT, NOT, NOT ever, Jimmy out and out raping Kima. I'm also good with either of them fantasizing about the other, complete with WTF on Kima's part if it's her.

Perhaps something happening after the hotel room scene in "Moral Midgetry" because I'll bet Jimmy gives a helluva massage that could lead to anything from mutual masturbation, separate wanking in the two beds with either shared dialogue or attempted silence, to an out and out sex scene followed by complete denial that anything ever happened, which would lend extra resonance to Kima's response when the sheriff tells Kima that her partner is "a bit of an asshole."

I'm not a big fan of watersports, but maybe one of those pee-ing scenes by the tracks could get the ball rolling, if only because one or the other is vulnerable enough to be partially exposed and also because those are the times where they really seem to "get" each other. Another option that would make me swoon is hurt/comfort after Stringer's death. I LOVE Kima's line to Bunk about Jimmy taking it, "Like he was kin." Jimmy and Kima would be so bad for each other in every possible way and yet so good in a single moment. Maybe that's what drives Jimmy back to Beadie because he knows it will never happen again.

Or maybe Kima goes looking for Jimmy after her first day as a homocide detective in "Refugees." They could commiserate about Bunk being an asshole and a friendly hug might go further. I realize this when Jimmy is in his "reformed character" period, but hey...JIMMY!

Jimmy and dead Stringer

If Bunk and or Bubbles get any hint of something going on or having gone on and want to lend their individual wit, wisdom and snark to the situation, that would be fabulous. (Maybe a Greek chorus scenario of Bunk, Bubbles or any other characters musing about Jimmy/Kima as an alternative or adjunct to the ship itself?) Bubbles would probably have some strong words regarding how fucked up "McNutty" is and nobody knows how bad Jimmy can be for people the way Bunk does.

I'm currently in the middle of season 4, but spoiled enough that you're welcome to write fic taking place at any point in the canon or afterwards. I'm aware of how badly Jimmy fucks up and burns his bridges by the end of the show. I still love him. I know a realistic Jimmy will not be a "nice" one, especially in this context, but please respect my DNW on the rape thing.

Singin' In The Rain
Lina Lamont
Don Lockwood


The one thing I really dislike about the move is the treatment of Lina Lamont, especially the exposure and humiliation at the end in order to provide the happy ending for Don and Kathy.

My dream fic is a redemption story for Lina, perhaps rooted in a back story that makes clear she might have been a bitch, but she wasn't stupid or evil. I see her as knowing she was fighting for her life and career, having come from a hardscrabble background that she didn't want to return to. Feel free to make the back story dark. I suspect that she was badly used by many men (and maybe women) and that perhaps R.F. Simpson was an L.B. Mayer at his worst and even a Jack Woltz type (from the Godfather.) Instead of falling for the publicity machine's version of the Don/Lina "romance," she either bought into Don's pretending to be in love with her to further his career, or she deliberately played along because she needed the protection of a 'big name" romance to save herself from being used by anyone else. MAYBE it was a bit of mutual bearding for herself (and Zelda) as well as Don (and Cosmo.)

I'd like a story that gives Lina a good life after the end of the film. Either she stays in Hollywood and embraces her ability as a comedienne or character actress, which allows her a career that outlives Kathy's brief time as an ingenue or finds her real talents behind the camera. Writer, editor, even a pioneering female director. Maybe she gets the hell out of Dodge, leaves Tinseltown and makes a real life for herself including a job, self-respect, and man (or woman, perhaps Zelda) who truly loves her. In other words: NOT a Marie Prevost or a John Gilbert.

Perhaps Lina and Don cross paths again, especially if he needs some kind of favor from her and eventually realizes he did love her all along or he ends up falling in love for real, or is at least genuinely attracted. I'd like him to suffer a bit and make some kinds of amends. (I'd love it if she were gracious and self-aware enough to let him off the hook...eventually.) If sex, ensues, I wouldn't object. Whether or not they end up together, or he has to go back to Kathy and/or Cosmo, I want it to be on Lina's terms.

Keeping in mind this tidbit about the making of the movie:

Director Stanley Donen said, “We used Jean Hagen dubbing Debbie dubbing Jean. Jean’s voice is quite remarkable and it was supposed to be cultured speech – and Debbie had that terrible western noise.”

What if Lina realizes she doesn't have to sound that way and eventually decides to get coaching and learns to modulate to the "preferred" style of talking. Then switches to that when Don least expects it, just to mess with him. Or maybe it's been so long that somehow he doesn't recognize her and she has to use the "old" Lina voice to prove who she is.

Appearances by any real-life Hollywood personalities or characters from other movies about Hollywood are welcome.

The Hour
Adam LeRay
Marnie Madden
Hector Madden

I’d really love to see poor, closeted, self-hating, alcoholic Adam and how he was (or wasn’t) functioning prior to the first series. Perhaps Marnie as his friend, with whatever level of awareness you’d like to give her. Either full blown fag-hag or just somewhat flighty society girl. I wouldn’t object to a bed scene with them, as painful and awkward as it might be, especially with Adam secretly in love/lust with Hector and using Marnie to get him by proxy. Or Marnie confiding in Adam about her marriage, even while Adam nurses a crush on Hector. Or something about how McCain was able to get Adam involved in the plot. Pre-show Hector and Marnie falling in (or out) of love with each other is great, smut or not smut at whatever level you are comfortable with. I do love to see Dominic West's characters in, ahem, action, so an angsty, guilt-ridden clandestine Hector/Adam affair would be right up my alley.

Regarding Adam, I'm not looking for strident "issue-fic" on the matter, but I'm fully comfortable with era-appropriate homophobia and a story that reflects the fact that he is living in a homophobic world, and has massive amounts of self-hatred. That's what drives the character. Feel free to treat those aspects realistically. I think it's probably impossible to write about Adam without them. Marnie's acceptance of or denial about those issues is also fair game. Ditto for Hector. Maybe something happened during the war years that makes him more sympathetic than Adam or Marnie might suspect. Given enough alcohol, I'm good with almost all combinations of Marnie/Adam/Hector complete with incredibly awkward aftermath or completely utter denial. If you see non-con or dub-con possibilities, go for it. I'm also up for a brief moment of happiness for an Adam/Marnie/Hector threesome.

I don’t mind Marnie being a bit of a bitch, but I don’t see her as a stupid one, even if she doesn’t know about Adam or chooses not to know. Basically just something with Adam living the glamorous 50’s lie and hating himself for it, involved in some way with Marnie and/or Hector.

If you set it after the second series, I'd be ok with fix-it fic for Adam and maybe even Freddy, because man did I hate the "torture porn" ending of Series 2.

Glam Rock RPF
Bryan Ferry
David Bowie

Such beautiful,beautiful men. So much great slashy potential. I'd take any kind of slash for these two from any period. Early 70's glam. Early Roxy Bryan/Ziggy Bowie. 70's-Siren...Bryan's with Jerry, but there's some kind of great longing, lust, guilt, love, self-hatred, passion or just a one night stand with Bowie.

"These Foolish Things" and "Pin-Ups" were released within six months of each other. Was there a discussion about doing that kind of Album? Did either one sneak in a love-letter or shout out to the other? Bryan's cover of It's My Party where he keeps the names and genders unchanged might be relevant, as differentiated from his version of Back to Black, for instance.

Any connection between Bryan/David and Jerry leaving Bryan for Mick Jagger?

Early 80's---Avalon/Station to Station. MTV...Let's Dance. Lots of cocaine going on. Both of them at their most totally gorgeous. Who could resist?
I'm not picky about who loves who or who tops or whether it's love, lust, drugs, alcohol etc.

Cheating on wives/girlfriends/boyfriends and band-mates is fine.

Also any other characters you want to throw in from the Warhol crowd or the Bowie, Iggy, Lou history. Perhaps the affair, relationship, one-nighter is an inspiration for a song such as Mother of Pearl, Avalon, Casanova or Can't Let Go? From David's POV, how about the piss-taking of the character that is clearly a Bryan expy in the long form video of Jazzing For Blue Jean? Maybe affectionate, maybe not so much?

Seriously, put them together in any way, size, shape or form and I'll be happy. I'm also fascinated by Bryan's alleged snobbery, which is probably rooted in class consciousness of his more humble beginnings in Newcastle. I'd love it if a bit of Geordie accent slipped at the height of passion, rather than his usual impeccable RP.

No need to stay vanilla, although I'm fine if you do. Divine decadence or sheer elegance.

I’m also good with any kind of triangular involvement or threesomes, regardless of the genders involved or just cameo appearances if you share my passion for those people. Throw in Angie, Kari-Ann, Amanda Lear, Jerry Hall, Nico, Lucy Ferry, Iman, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno etc., as you see fit.

One especially personal bit of Iddy stuff…I’m totally obsessed with Bryan Ferry smoking.

So if a post-coital cigarette turned up, or any glimpse of Bryan with a cigarette in his hand or mouth, I wouldn’t object. He canonically quit in 1986 so if the fic takes place after that you can allude to him perhaps being tempted or having a memory of smoking, or just deciding the hell with it, sex with David deserves a cigarette, no matter what effect it might have on his health and voice.

My understanding is that David quit after the birth of his daughter in 2000. Depending on when your fic takes place, I’d love to see him smoking or feeling tempted, or feeling the occasion warrants it.

Bryan trunk
David Bowie
My fantasy Bryan

If the slash isn't speaking to you, and you're look for a Gen idea...don't forget this quote from Bryan, which he actually attributes to Nicky Haslam.

"Other bands wanted to wreck hotel rooms; Roxy Music wanted to redecorate them.”

DIY projects, clothes fittings, hilariously mundane trips to Ikea?

Bryan contemplating David's death and his own mortality either from a slash or non-slashy perspective would be lovely.

The Big Sleep
Acme Bookstore Proprietress
Female Taxi Driver
Vivian Rutledge

What I would like to see:
Fedoras, cigarettes, booze, great dialogue!

This is absolutely my favorite Film Noir and probably my favorite interpretation of Philip Marlowe (although I love Murder, My Sweet/Dick Powell as well.)
Please don't get mad at me, dear writer, but I'm not 100% sure what I want, beyond the sense I got in the movie of these characters having sexy/funny/snarky fun in the middle of the dark, violent plot. It can honestly be any combination of the characters doing almost anything as long as it's true to the feeling of the movie. It can be set during the movie---more (graphic) detail about the bookstore seduction, or any other bits you'd like to fill in. After the story ends, I'm happy with Vivian and Marlowe solving another case and using the Taxi driver or the bookstore lady for information and assistance. Maybe Vivian has to tackle something without Marlowe and it turns into an "Awesome ladies being Awesome" story with one or both of the others.

I'm fine with post-movie Marlowe/Vivian as well, whether you want to make them an ongoing happy ending couple, or Friends With Benefits or anything in between, as long as it's got the spark and snark of the horse racing dialogue.

Femslash between any of the gals would be amazing. Any smut either at the Chandler level of what he could get away with back them or filthier as long as it fits the characters, but I'd be happy with a gen vignette, as well. I LOVE Vivian singing, no matter who did Lauren Bacall's dubbing. Maybe Vivian takes over Eddie Mars' casino and can be found singing there, as well being an ongoing source for Marlowe. Or just being the lover/friend of either/both of the other women.

Really, most sincerely, anything will make me happy, as long as it's got my fun, sexy, snappy dialogue and nobody being really miserable. (They can end up dead, just not miserable.)
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