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KKBB-The second time around

Who, for the record, loves Torchwood, but isn't quite as obsessed as I am. He's not a shipper, per se, but he does like Gwen and sees Jack/Gwen chemistry. He's a straight guy, and although not completely immune to the Barrowmania, he's not likely to glom onto a slash pairing as his first choice, although obviously he's not going to ignore canon.

The minute he saw Capt. John, the first words out of his mouth were: "Drum Major?" I explained about the Napoleonic thing, but he insisted that if the jacket were buttoned up, you could put a big hat on him and have him play a trombone.

As far as I know, hubby was not spoiled for the character in any way so he wants props for saying "That's a rogue time agent," as soon as the the wrist-com was in evidence."

He immediately glommed on to the "All of you" part of the "I came back for you" line with no prompting from me, and pointed out that Jack said nearly the same thing to Gwen when they were alone together. His interpreation is that "All of you," means "All of you," equally.

Hubby doesn't buy into all of my denial about the date because of the previous canon stuff, which means he hasn't drunk the anti J/I kool-ade or that I have to whip up a stronger batch.

The poodle thing made him LOL as did most of the JB/JM banter, especially "you were the wife" stuff.

B/T/W, hubby doesn't like Owen very much. When asked to explain, he told me, "He's just not likeable."
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