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2020, here we go!

Ch, ch, changes..
I'm off Instagram, Twitter and Tumbler.
I've quit Words With Friends, Four Pictures; One Word, Bejeweled, and Cubis Gold.
The goal is sleep. I've got my "dream schedule" again, of five closing nights (245PM-1115PM) and Saturday/Sunday off, but this ONLY works if I get enough sleep and the social media, games and, very sadly Yuletide were all major obstacles to that.
I'm still practicing yoga and Laughing Lotus switched the early class to 645AM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Morning Mantras are gone, so I'm going to Integral Yoga to chant on Tuesdays.
Since staying up till all hours is no longer an option, I'm using (at least today) Thursday as a get things done on-line, including working on the OA Newsletter that is part of one of my service commitments.
Lots of letting go of attachments. Since Ram Dass left his body, I've been listening to his talks nearly nonstop when I go to sleep, and I'm still trying to work a rigorous program around all these issues.
The last one is still my determination to get the LJ fics imported over to A03. I'm working on the drabbles from 2010. Yes 10 whole years ago, but I just can't leave it half done.
Look for me on Facebook for the puppy and paleo pictures and very casual postings.
I'll stay on LJ/DW for longer, more personal, and political musings.

Happy New Year, everybody.
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