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Hubby has gone full-on Bernie Bot!

And I'm just not there yet. I was in the Cory Camp and now that he's out, I'm not feeling passionate about anyone. I don't hate Joe Biden, but I know what happens when either party nominates someone just because it's "their turn." I also worry that the longer it takes to winnow down the field, the more time the Psycho-In-Chief's crazed followers have to solidify their position.

I honestly don't know if ANY of our guys/gals can get it down. The last time we took out a sitting President was '92 and as much as I villified George H. W. Bush at the time, we now know he was a gem and a joy compared to everything that's come after. Plus whatever short-comings Bill Clinton had as a human beings (and I'd still vote for him again) he was an absolutely charismatic power-house campaigner and had an equally powerful team around him who were willing to do whatever it took.

Sanders is good, but on the Charisma scale, he's no Bill Clinton and even on the inspiration scale, I'm not sure he's a Barack Obama.

Believe it or not, I'm still taking Mayor Pete somewhat seriously.

No matter what happens, and it might be truly horrible, including "Four More Years," my personal development and spiritual path are still my prime focus. I used to be so obsessed with politics that it drove me round the bend when things didn't go my way. In a way, Politics was my fandom after I left Star Trek (original series) and Sci-Fi and before I came back to Fandom via House/LJ/Torchwood. And if you remember how I reacted when canon didn't do what I wanted in those, then you have some idea of the temper tantrum I threw on election night 1988, for example.

What can I say? I was young and I was actively in my addiction.

On election night 2016, I was working and as soon as Florida went (it's always Florida) I knew it was all over, and yes, I was upset, but I was also abstinent and determined to stay emotionally sane. My promise then was "More love, more hugs, more mantras."

To that I have to add that I'm learning that everything is perfect, even if everything is terrible. And I need to keep meditating.

Can you tell I've been listening to a lot of Ram Dass talks lately?

One thing I will say...much as I love Rachel, I still miss having Keith as an active cheerleader in the political arena. Everytime I look up at the TV screen in the Lounge that has ESPN on and I see him I wave and blow a kiss.

TL;DR Too many dicks on the floor, even if some of them are boobs.
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