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Yuletide 2019

Probably my last one, unless my work schedule and priorities change drastically.

Thanks to all my writers, recipients, betas and hand-holders.

Back in 2007, I wrote Scenes From A Caper in the Oceans 11 fandom. (There was only one film then.)
It turns out there's an appearance by Donald Trump. I honestly had NO MEMORY of writing this.

For 2019, I returned to Danny, Rusty et al and wrote Time and Conditions.

Special thanks to My Young Friend. Friend, beta, hand-holder, Brit-checker. I'm still not sure Basher is supposed to actually be British, but he certainly wants us to believe he is.


This year I ended up on the Pinch Hit list for the second year in a row. TWICE this year...thanks again to Ladybug 21 for giving me a Singin' In The Rain fic that fulfilled my "Justice for Lina Lamont" request and gave a bit of comeuppance to Don and Kathy.

Go. Read. Give love!
A Voice To Match
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