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The Bernie bubble is bursting...

Pretty much as I anticipated, although actually sooner.
Hubby is depressed and I'm working the Al Anon side of the program as much as possible. I'm there to be supportive, NOT say, "I Told You So" and remember that I didn't cause the problem and I can't fix it.
And don't binge no matter what, including Allen continuing to include me in things like "Employee Appreciation Week" in the form of bags of clearly leftover Halloween candy. I fobbed mine off on a co-worker as quickly as possible. Caramel fucking M&M's? If I pop one of those bad boys in my mouth, that's 5 years and 6 months out the window, like that!

I'm doing really well with a 3 day yoga schedule at 645AM, instead of 4 or 5 days at 7AM. It's opened up space for doing my weekly email clean-out and practice harmonium. The biggest challenge is STILL making myself lie down by 1AM. TBH I'm currently averaging 115 to 130, but the 1AM intention is still there.

Grateful to be off Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram. Look for me on FB, if you want less personal, but more frequent updates.

Hubby seems to be shocked, shocked that political discourse, even among "friends" (and some family) on FB has gotten unpleasant.

We're aiming at an October trip to New Orleans (to replace the Portland that got cancelled due to broken arm.)
Suggestions for paleo dining? Hints for museums, sight-seeing etc?
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