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Hello, yeah, it's been awhile.

Not much.
How about you?

(This may be a dupe post...it looks like my cross post from DW isn't going through, but there may just be a delay.)

Lock-down update.
Had a tooth pulled two weeks ago to fix major toothache and today I'm finally seeing an ENT to address the recurring, spontaneous nose-bleed issue that started in February and triggered huge amounts of procrastination along with catastrophizing on the grand scale.

Still on the payroll. Just finished two weeks of card-service training, but I can't start OJT (On the Job Training) because a million years ago I used my seniority to get this particular week off so I could be in San Jose tonight to see Neil DeGrasse Tyson and then since I had the week off anyway, I also got tickets for Thursday to see Adam Ant at the Fox theater in Oakland. To quote my father, quoting his mother, I believe, "Man plans and god laughs."
So now I can't even go to virtual work because I have to take this PTO. (Paid Time Off.)

Plans include even more Zoom 12-step meetings, more Harmonium practice, arranging my study notes for when I do have to take live calls, scrubbing my filthy kitchen, yoga, weights, walking.

And yes, there is Virtual Karaoke on Face Book. It's not perfect, but it's something. Let's call it methadone maintenance for my Karaoke addiction.

Hubby, being hubby, has bought a microscope, bought a recumbent trike, gotten interested in anime, started drawing again and is practicing his instruments. (He still gets to go work three nights a week, but also has this week on time off because he was supposed to be seeing Neil DeGrasse Tyson with me.)

We finished Shetland-Really good, but none of Jimmy's het romances including the one with Archie Panjabi's character were as compelling as the clearly slashy interactions with Duncan Hunter. Then Hinterlands-MEH! Started Vexed and gave up after two episode. Finished the first season of The Alienist-mixed feelings, but willing to go another round if it comes up on Netflix. Loved the first series of Grantchester. Now that's what I call Bro-Mance. (Remember when that phrase made me retch?) Or maybe it's just the overwhelming awesomeness of Robson Green?

We've started The Frankenstein Chronicles...interesting, but on the bleak side.

Rec me something, preferably a British mystery with nice scenery that I can interest Hubby in.

Find me on Facebook. Text. Email.

Miss you all.

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