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Hi Kids!

Is it true that there's no way to sort my Gmail inbox, rather than received date?
I've never felt shame or guilt about writing RPF, but there's something very unsettling about when a real-life figure croaks after I've written them as a character.

RIP Grant Imahara!


Work is still pretty emotional, although there have been improvements. I can't really go into detail, but I'm just not cut out for this particular brand of customer service and it's a lot of Good Times, Bad Times, you know I've had my share. Including a card member who insisted on a Supervisor and when I tried to determine if I could assist him, said, "I don't have time to educate you." I've also had variations on "Is this your first day?"

At least I'm able to practice Yoga with Adriana three times a week on Zoom and I got another chance for a "sneak" appointment with Sebastian to get my roots touched up again.

Finished 4 series of Grantchester

including the "replacement goldfish season." I spent a LOT of time yelling at the TV set during the whole, "I couldn't be arsed to show up to rent an apartment with the woman I've been pining over for YEARS, but I'll run off to the US to be with the black chick I just fell banged and fell in love with" episodes.

But still....ROBSON GREEN!

Also semi-binging The Crown.
Loving the snark, the sneering, Matt Smith's cheekbones, and Matthew Goode's EVERYTHING. (You know I'm a sucker for an "Anything that moves" kind of guy.) Very impressed with the writing and acting for David and Wallis. Plus....hey, Jared Harris.
Also, I have now decided that not only are there only 5 actors in the UK, but that it is literally impossible for me to watch any UK Telly without encountering Anna Chancellor at some point. Mind you, this is in no way a bad thing.
Right up until the JFK/Jackie episode, I thought all the casting was AMAZING.
I am a Kennedy-phile and connoisseur of media portrayals of JFK et al and I have to say that Michael C. Hall (an otherwise amazing actor) is without a doubt the absolute WORST JFK I have ever seen in my life. THE WORST. I realize not everyone can be William Devane or even Cliff Robertson, but COME ON!!!!

So the last two episodes I've seen, the JFK/Jackie and the obligatory horrible boarding school one were a bit of a letdown. I realize we have to deal with the horrible boarding school to give the backstory for why Charles can be a bit of head-case and therefore why (among other reasons) the Charles/Diana situation was so dooomed, but sitting through horrible boarding school abuse is still not pleasant.

Looking forward to more good-stuff, although I'll miss the starting line-up when the cast turns over.
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