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John Addison: “We Are Not Human Beings, We Are Human Becomings.”

No idea what I'm in the process of becoming right now, but I really hope it's a better person.

Five months into the lock-down and my inner Karen is a constant presence.

On the other hand, Hubby and I haven't killed eachother (or ourselves) yet. We have spent a lot of $$$ on various toys, however.

I quote from Hubby's Facebook.

"I finally replaced my entry level fiddle with one that I’ll be happy to play for the rest of my life. The old one, an E. Martin, (who was a relative of C.F.Martin of guitar fame) had developed a crack in the top that had gone almost all the way through. I went to Roland Feller Violins and he showed me some Neuner & Hornsteiner violins from Mittenwald Germany. They were all 19th century instrument They were all 19th century instruments. My first fiddle was an N&H which I sold for a ridiculously low price 15 years ago after I broke my wrist. I’ve regretted it ever since. I’m really happy with this one though. It’s VERY loud, it’s so resonant it feels like the sound echoes inside it. It’s very comfortable to play. It’s really beautiful with a lovely chocolate brown lacquer and rosewood tailpiece and chinrest. It’s got geared Perfection pegs so I don’t need fine tuners apart from the one on the E string that all fiddles seem to come with."


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