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What I really wanted to talk about...

Is my loathing of any and all "subscriptions" or services that can be enrolled in on-line, but can only be escaped from via phone call.
I've finally extricated myself from Paypal Credit after MONTHS of paying the 99 cent per month fee, because actually making the bloody phone call felt so daunting.

One thing I have to do in my customer service role is dispute charges and it's amazing how many people get themselves stuck on "free intros" and then feel helpless to cancel the monthly charges that follow. But it's not amazing, because it's exactly what happened with Paypal Credit.


Continuing our Crown-watching....
Clancy Brown's LBJ was a vast improvement over Michael C. Hall's JFK.
I miss Matt Smith's cheek-bones and Matthew Goode's everything.
Charles Dance as Mountbatten reminded me how much I love his dramatic readings during the Big Fat Quiz and how even more gutted I'm going to be when...well it's not exactly a spoiler, but you know....

Newest obsession: Taskmaster! We're on Series 6. I love how predictably there's at least one chick, one person of color, one young, white comedian and one old guy/old broad and how many of them I've seen on at least one other panel show.
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