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Finally watching last year's series of Doctor Who

Partially because I know some of the spoilers about certain characters showing up.

I LOVED Spyfall....It took a while to remember the back-stories for the companions, but getting into a fast paced action episode, a Stephen Fry appearance AND the Master!!!! It's a little bit hard for me to accept that both Missy and Simm-master are gone, at least for now, but the chemistry between 13 and Nu-Master was awesome.

Orphan 55 was enjoyable, although I could have lived without Chibnall channelling his best RTD social conscience lecture mode at the end. I know climate change is real and humans are scum. I've seen An Inconvenient Truth AND Midnight. Just tell the story and we'll figure out the moral by ourselves.

Nicola Tesla's Night of Terror....I hate to keep referring to older episodes, but it felt a bit like Vincent and the Doctor. I realize the inherent problem of not actually being able to change history, but wanting to give a "good guy" who got done dirty by reality a better ending or at least some hope or vindication. Not as much of a tear-jerker, but same basic idea....ok, your life is still gonna suck, but someday everyone will know how awesome you were.

And now...the reason I finally got around to watching the season....
Fugitive of the Judoon.
I knew he was coming, but the minute I heard the voice....I was squeeee-ing like it was 2007 and I hadn't put myself and everyone else through hell about him. It was even better than I could have hoped. I'm not sure if they had to do any de-aging or just dye Mr. Barrowman's hair, but it was as if he were back in London looking at Rose Tyler's excellent bottom and flirting with Algy all over again. So many warm fuzzies. I also had no idea that there'd be another Doctor, so along with what I had been spoiled for there was a whole lot of enjoyable confusion as to what the hell was going on.

Even hubby is enthusiastic to keep going and although he's like's Jody's Doctor, he's not particularly sold on the new companions and had almost no memory of the last series, which we watched sometime in 2019, I think.

We'll be picking up with the third disk tonight.

Prior to this we've been doing a re-watch of Jonathan Creek, binging through all of Death in Paradise and watching American Gods as the new episodes come up on Starz, which I hadn't watched since we got it for Miracle Day and cancelled a few months later. Before that...Shetland, Vera, Hinterland and the truly awful Single-Handed. We've gotten in the habit of using the close captions for our UK Telly-at least the mysteries. It definitely helps, although especially for for Vera, I find the descriptions such as "ominous music" hilarious.

Things are pretty good here. Hubby got vaccinated about a month ago. I'm off this Thursday and planning to just queue up at General (now Zuckerberg) until someone sticks a needle in me. I was hoping to stall until I could guarantee getting the Johnson & Johnson so I'd only need one shot, but the sooner I can wave a "vaccinated" card in somebody's face the better.

It's getting busier at the airport. We're still masking, social distancing, waitlisting etc. My yoga is still on Zoom and I'm doing Virtual Karaoke until the Mint re-opens....someday. I'm lucky, though. I've been inconvenienced and I've been cranky, but I've never missed a paycheck and no-one I'm personally close to has died and only a very few have even been diagnosed as positive.

I'm grateful and I'm not binging. I've got nothing to complain about. The post-election insanity was debilitating, but I did most of that to myself.
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