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Sometime the Universe is trying to tell you something..

I'm currently doing Virtual Karaoke, but I was going to try and watch an on-line Kirtan as well. Clearly I wouldn't be completely focused, but it's also a fund-raiser for Covid relief in India.

There I was desperately trying to give them money and I could NOT get past the Captcha. I kept clicking. I logged in and out. Either I'm to be a dork to find the stoplights, busses, bicycles etc or I'm not supposed to be dividing my time between the sacred and the profane, as it were.

So I'll stay on Karaoke and just find a way to make a direct contribution to Covid Relief in India.

Good news/Gratitude

The Roxy Theater is OPEN!!!! I saw actual people going in today.

I haven't had a drink from Peet's/Starbucks/Green Beans etc in six days.

Lounge hours are going to be extended in June. Insteaed of 945AM to 615P, I'll have 1045AM to 715PM. It's not my beloved Vampire Shift yet, but I'll be able to finish my 7AM Yoga class, instead of having to bail off the Zoom call at 740AM to get ready for work.

Bad attitude: I still fucking hate masks. And it looks like they're still a requirement at the airport at least until September. Which explains why I had to stop the commercial caffeine again. I was using my Peets' fix to soothe my rage, rather than practing acceptance.
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